Need your votes!!!!

Thanks to Aja (what a loyal blog reader!!!), I found out that this beautiful baby was narrowed down from 400 entries to be named Tulsa Most Beautiful Baby!! You do have to sign up on the website, but Baby Max is totally worth it! Look for this picture on the far right of the page, about halfway down and vote for this tiny angel!!!

Here is the link:
Click the radio button under Max's picture (above) and then scroll to the bottom to vote. It will send you to sign up for an account on KTUL and then your vote will go through!

No matter what, Max is a winner in my book!


  1. Is this Aja from Todd;s office?

  2. I think this is Rick who commented...but yes, this is Aja from Rollins. I heart her! She is the best!

  3. Yes it's me!! I was hard at work, scouring our local news sites when I came across this VERY important story! :)


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