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Happy Halloween! I hope you all have had a very unspooky day.  I am not a big fan of dressing up myself, but I am a huge fan of pets and other people in costume, especially my nieces and nephews. Hopefully I will get some good pics to share.  Finley is going as Olivia the Pig, Max will dress up as a transformer, Drew as a little German boy (wearing the lederhosen we brought Max back from Germany) and Olivia will be a little cowgirl.  So cute!

This week’s faves are a mixed bag. (Pun kind of intended.)

Loving the idea of this deconstructed Lasagna Soup featured on Iowa Girl Eats.  Also, I love her blog if you guys are not following, you must.  She has amazing recipes and a great weekly round-up post with such great ideas.

I have been following Mini Baker’s blog for some time and today she posted photos from her beautiful wedding.  She made all of her own desserts for her dessert buffet and it looks absolutely stunning (and delicious).  Click here to see all of her beautiful photos.

The next favorite doesn’t have a picture, but I loved the message.  It is from Kathy at Mish Mash Mom and she shares the secret of happiness.  I truly believe that if we followed this advice our lives would be much richer. Read here to get happy.

One of my blogging friends Nicole with the Wallace Word posted the most incredible dessert recipe this weekend – Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecake.  Can you imagine any ingredients that would be more delicious together? Click here for the recipe.

Another favorite this week is from my real life friend Sarah’s blog.  Her little boy has had quite a health journey over the past few months and her story shows the amazing healing power of prayer. It truly is a miracle story. Click here to read and be inspired.

Now that Halloween is almost over, I am on to the next holiday! These cookies from Our Best Bites would be so fun and easy (famous last words) to do with children.

I love the vintage milk and cookies parties.  Likely because this girl cannot say no to a cookie, but that is neither here nor there. Check out this cute one featured on Kara’s Party Ideas.

I love, love, love caramel apples. I actually have a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory less than 2 miles from me. It is dangerous, very dangerous.  My favorite is the caramel apple dipped in mini M&Ms because a caramel apple itself isn’t just good enough. 

This week on Glorious Treats she did a tutorial on how to make your own.  So for those of you without a RMCF within a couple of miles, this one is for you!

Enjoy eating your kids’ candy! When we were little my mom would “inspect” our candy.  I think that was her way of assessing the good stuff. I also found out a few years ago that she would go into our rooms at night and throw away a handful each day.  I always wondered how my neighbor’s candy lasted until Christmas and mine was gone the next week. Sigh.


  1. I am SO going to follow that blog b/c that lasagna thing looks fantastic! And by me calling it a "thing" demonstrates my awesome cooking skills. *yikes* haha!

  2. Oh my gosh! Love the turkey cookies:) I think I will have to try to make these.

  3. I refuse to look up exactly where the RMCF is. I want to go there right now. I'm on vacation and so I can. This could be bad.

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, girlfriend! :) That lasagna soup looks amazing - I've got to start following that blog. And I want to tuck away that milk & cookies theme for a future kiddo birthday!


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