Weekly Faves

One of my favorite menu blogs is Elefantitas Alegres.  This week she had a great menu this week including another delicious quiche.  Check it out here.

My friend Anne from A. Party Style posted pics of her daughter’s 3rd birthday party and it was beyond amazing. You must go check it out here.  Here’s a sneak peek!

No picture here, but Tip Junkie featured a tip on how to get your Facebook back to where you can see all the posts from your friends.  Read here.

Another food blog I love is Iowa Girl Eats. She recently started doing her own Friday Favorites.  She posted so many good ones this week like:

How to update mirrors without a frame. Read the whole tutorial on The Secret to Success is Support.  You can do this for only $18!  What a steal and a high-end look!

And the recipe for this roasted garlic pilaf from Annie’s Eats:

Another Iowa Girl Eats favorite this week was the post she did on her lighter baked potato soup from Skinny Taste.  It includes one of my favorite veggies – cauliflower!

The TomKat Studio featured an adorable camping party this week.  There are soooo many cute details.  Check them out here.

And while we are on the subject of camping. This girly themed camping party featured on Kara’s Party Ideas is beyond cute!  Makes me wish I liked camping.  Sort of. Okay, indoor camping. At my house.

More next week!


  1. Ok, you find the best things! :)

  2. I always love what you share. Thanks for keeping me updated with all the hottest stuff.

  3. Lighter potato soup? Um. yes please! I've opened the facebook and the diy bathroom mirror thing and am off to look at them now! Love these posts, girl!


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