Magazine Roundup

I have great intentions at this blog to provide you with great content.  That includes subscribing to at least 5 different magazines (this down from a high of about 12).  However, you know what I never do – share with you the great things I find in said magazines.  Today I dug a few out to share the love.

First, my two favorite magazines that I subscribe to are:

The Food Network Magazine

Everyday with Rachael Ray

As an aside, I am adding this to my Christmas list – The HGTV Magazine. I can’t imagine anything better!

In the August edition of Rachael Ray’s magazine they had a feature on her faves.  One of her favorites was this ticket invitation.  I love it because it seriously looks like the real deal.  THe are available at and start at $1.70.

Same issue of Rachael Ray had this cute party backdrop.  It is just streamers and ribbons and would look great for a photo backdrop OR a dessert backdrop.  Love it!

Another cute one was the chalkboard wall backdrop. In the magazine the photo is much, much larger and has cute little sayings that people wrote before they took their pics.  Obviously the real deal would be much cuter, but this is all I could find:

And I am totally running late the party I am hosting, I must go!  Let me know your favorite magazines. I am always looking for new ones!


  1. I love the idea of streamers as a fun backdrop for a party!

  2. My fave mag is Real Simple. Now if I could just find time to actually read it. Oh well, at least there were a month's worth of great recipes in the October issue, and they have all been fabulous so far!

  3. I am pinning that party backdrop!! Definitely using that soon!

  4. Southern Living is my fav for sure!


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