Is it safe to drink balsamic?

If balsamic vinegar had a fan club, I might be the number one fan. I love it.  I wish there was some health benefit to it.  Maybe there is? I guess as balsamic’s number one fan I should know. So I guess I am really the number 2 fan.

In addition to a good balsamic (I swear I can taste those that are aged longer), I love me a balsamic glaze.  You know, the thick balsamic that sometimes is used as a garnish on a plate at a nice restaurant?

My friend Catherine that has Sage and the Sage Melt Bar has an amazing glaze that they put on my favorite sandwich (the Caprese - Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Red Onion, and Basil Pesto on Sourdough with Balsamic Glaze) I swear she needs to sell it by the bottle.

However, until she does that I found an amazing substitute tonight at Target:

It retails for $5.99.  Tommy and I drizzled it over warm focaccia bread and it was a total winner. 

They had a little idea book included and it suggested making risotto (seriously, my favorite), adding a little mascarpone cheese and one tablespoon of this.  Wouldn’t that be amazingly delicious?  I will let you know as soon I make it!


  1. mmmmmm!!!! I want to try it! I love balsamic too!

  2. Mmmm, I might have to pick this up. I've tried making a balsamic glaze for a recipe before, and results are usually touch and go- I might have to try that recipe again using this!

  3. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for this!
    p.s. now I'm craving that sandwich from Sage. Must get it soon!

  4. will be finding this and making that risotto soooon! -Leah H.

  5. ohh there's a pizza at Upper Crust with that glaze on it and I LOVE it!!!

  6. I love me so balsamic!! I drizzle it on veggies with a pinch of garlic salt & it is so good!


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