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Sometimes over here on the ole blog I have NOTHING to share.  So today I wrote down some thoughts (and when I say today, I really mean the last hour when I decided that I had nothing to blog about, but figured surely something would pop into my mind.)

1- I just discovered delicate on my washer within the past few months.  Um, why did no one tell me about this wonderful setting and how it would save all of my clothes from ruin? Or at least from looking too worn, too shrunk, or too faded?  Why?

2- This is a confession. Sometimes when I got a pop-up that the sender has requested a read receipt on my email, I hit the button that says “do not send a read receipt.”  I am clearly not as nice as I look.

3- Remember how I told you my first Audible book was going to be Madeline Wickham’s 40 Love?

I have always loved her books.  This one, notsomuch.  I am not finished yet, but I am on Chapter 12 of 14 and am still waiting for the book to have a plot. 

4- Another confession. I am completely immature. Last weekend I was out of town (4 hours away) and saw someone I knew in high school at Crate & Barrel. She was on the phone and didn’t see me, but instead of going up to her and saying “hi” I had my sister watch out for her in the store so that we didn’t cross paths and I wouldn’t have to pretend to be surprised if I did in fact run into her.

5- Please tell me I am not the only one who does this.

6- I always think it is so weird to run into someone you know out of town. What are the odds that you would be out of town and at the exact same place at the exact same time?

7- Actually, I think this is the first time this has ever happened to me.

8- On the same trip I ran into someone else I knew at the bathroom at the convenience store on the way home. This time I did say hi :).

9- To prove how exciting our life is, the past two evenings have been spent trying to figure out how to get our shower unclogged.  After purchasing at least 8 different unclogging products over the course of the past two weeks, last night we decided on the “big guns” – sulfuric acid. After looking online and reading about it, I figured this might not end well, so we had to hire a plumber to come out and unclog it. I am now looking forward to a shower without standing water. (Just keeping it real.)

10 – And now you probably have a better understanding of why I don’t blog when I don’t have anything going on. BORING!


  1. I hate those stupid read receipt things. And, I HATE unexpectedly running into people I haven't seen since high school. It's always so awkward (and usually on a day I haven't showered or put on makeup haha).

  2. Haha I love this! I'm similar to these. I hate the sender receipt, I always just close it also.

    And I ran into someone today too when I haven't seen them in forever. She asked me for my phone number and I tried to walk away and say I was in a rush, but then she followed me again and told me not to give her a wrong number because she will call it right in front of me to make sure it's right! AHHHH

  3. I do the same thing with the read receipt. I hate when people use that. Do they not get enough e-mails already? My box is always reaching its capacity at work and if I did read receipts it would be daily at capacity. Crazy people.

    I, obvs, feel strongly about this. haha.

  4. As a general rule, I NEVER hit that stupid read receipt. It's like big brother or something. Yes, I read or stupid email, or at least glanced at it before hitting delete. The end.

  5. I totally saw someone I knew last week at Disneyland & didn't say anything. I have no idea why I didn't say hi & feel like a snot for not saying anything. You are not the only one! Ha!

  6. Hahaha...love this! It actually was really entertaining and made me laugh throughout! Sooo maybe you should blog your random thoughts more often!

  7. You are so funny, Katie!! I am now hooked on Pinterest . . . for hours at a time!!!!! I'm sorry it took me so long to follow your advice. It was great seeing you, Allison, and your mom this week-end.
    I love you all,
    Aunt Angie


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