Nieces and Nephews

I haven’t done a niece and nephew post in awhile and I know you are all just dying to see what they are up to.  Right?

My little nephews had their pictures taken last week by Brenda Horan and the boys are just so adorable! 

Look how big Drew has gotten! He has just the sweetest little demeanor and personality.  And he could not be any cuter!!!  He might have a baby modeling contract in the future. I am not biased or anything.


Max is just more and more fun every time we are around him.  Last week Tommy and I went to go get some yogurt and happened to run into Brannon, Kristen and the boys at the shop.  Max was so excited to see us that he asked his mom if we could come back over.  And if it couldn’t get any cuter – he pulled up a chair and was going to wait for us on the front porch. Thank goodness we came over! Can you imagine how horrible we would have felt? 




This weekend is a first for Tommy and I.  We have our first overnight babysitting experience with Little Miss Finley.  I hope it doesn’t end like this:

iphone pics 062011 003

Any ideas of what to do with a 21 month old for an overnight stay?  I am thinking of things that might wear her out :).  Any suggestions appreciated!


  1. They are seriously so adorable! And that is so cute that he pulled a chair up to wait for you! Die!

    You will have fun with FIn for sure!! Hook up a sprinkler in the back yard and let her go to town! It will wear her out in no time! Have fun!


  2. so cute! And fun about having Finley for overnight! Some things that Molly likes... baby pool or sprinkler outside, stickers! and Molly really likes to help in the kitchen! She loves putting the toppings on homeade pizza and we've baked cupcakes a few times. And if you aren't up for letting her actually cook you could always get some dry rice or beans and let her pretend with your pots and pans. Have fun!

  3. I know what you can do with little miss Finley!!! Bring her over for a playdate with McCord!!! We have plenty of things they can do to wear themselves out.
    ~ Iris

  4. you will be such a good babysitter for Miss Fin... i am sure just letting her explore will wear her out-let her run the stairs she will surely sleep well :) Thanks for taking care of her for us! She loves her KK and uncle tommy!

  5. oh and of course you should let her go play with McCord! They would love it!!

  6. OMG!!! They are all just precious! Hope you have fun with Finley!!

  7. The pictures of the boys are adorable!! Keeping Finley should be fun! Try bubbles!!

  8. BABY IN A BOX - too cute! :)

  9. They are all gorgeous! When I used to keep my niece and nephew every other weekend, I would ALWAYS take them to the park after dinner/before bed time... always got them hot and tired! :)

  10. They're all so big!!
    Oh, I can't WAIT to hear all about Fin's weekend fun with KK and Uncle Tommy! Let her chase your dogs around or make Tommy play hide and seek with her.. :) Heck, just hose her down in the backyard and she'll tire out! Have fun!!

  11. that picture of Finley cracks me up! You will do a great job - you don't need any pointers! Except maybe no late night sugar... haha!

  12. Super cute pics of the boys! We use Brenda too :)

  13. Hi, Katie,
    You surely have a lot of sweet, smart friends with good advice!! All of those ideas sound good to me. I think Miss Finley will be plenty tired if you do all of those activities and end the day with a calm, soothing bath. Have fun!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  14. Those pics are seriously adorable!!!!!!

    I love that you get to watch Finley this weekend! My friends kids are pretty happy with anything to do with water/splash pads/sprinklers, etc. And the wiggles. The wiggles are like magic "calming down" stuff. My friend even has them on her iphone and Landen will hold the iphone, watching the wiggles on it no matter where they are...

  15. Your nephews are just adorable! Good luck with the babysitting...swimming usually works for us!

  16. You have the cutest nieces and nephews!


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