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First, totally loved that book as a kid. Pretty ironic because I was NOT a fan of babysitting.  Did I ever tell you guys about the time I babysat my next door neighbors (three boys) when I was in high school and the dad asked me what I charged an hour?  Being my high school self, I told him “whatever.” This move was strategic on my part – I didn’t want to sell myself short.

After 7 hours of babysitting, the dad returned home and paid me a whopping $15 – $2 an hour + a $1 bonus. 

No wonder I hated babysitting.

My mom, being the sweet mom that she was, did go to the neighbor the next day and tell him the “going rate” in the neighborhood was $3 an hour.

I did end up getting an extra $6 out of the deal.

I do, of course, love babysitting my nieces and nephews. Though, it is an unpaid gig. I am assuming I am being paid in IOUs.  Surely one day they will return the favor. Well, not at the rate we are going. Ha!

And this weekend was my first overnight babysitting experience.  Little Miss Fin came and spent the night with us and we had a great time. I am totally not just saying this because I am biased, but she is such a good baby. She didn’t fuss the whole time she was here. She was a perfect angel and even slept in until 8 a.m.

It probably helped that we booked her schedule solid. We started with a play date with McCord.

Iris was sweet and gave them popsicles!

Next, we had dinner with Max & Drew! Someone loves her some mac & cheese!

Next we moved on to the Bixby Green Corn Festival (told you I packed her schedule full.  This baby was going to be TIRED if I had anything to do with it!)

Max was so independent! He rode rides buy himself and played games!

Finley was so cute. You can see her at the bottom of this pictures. Every time Max rode by she would wave at him and say “Hi, Max!”

I thought this was a really cute picture of my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, Max and Drew.

When we got home, Finley got a bath and went to bed. She slept with Tommy and I and that girl moves in her sleep. Let’s just say I slept a lot better on Sunday night.

Sunday wasn’t nearly as well planned….we watched a lot of Sesame Street and went to Target. But this baby’s second home is Target, so it was going to another aunt’s house for her.

She was just the perfect little baby to sit for!


  1. Finley is so adorable! I could just eat her up with a spoon! You're going to be a great mom someday. :)

  2. Thanks for taking such good care of her! She loved her evening with aunt KK and uncle tom! You did a great job and ditto to Kaysie... you will be a great mom! I would love to be an aunt :) and you know I would love babysitting all of the time! Love you!!

  3. We had so much fun with you guys too! Thanks for bringing Fin to play.
    ~ iris

  4. You definitely get Aunt of the Year Award!! And what a doll baby to babysit!! Looks like you had lots of fun!
    And seriously- $2 an hour???? Ha!

  5. Finley is precious! Glad you all had such a fun weekend!

  6. That babysitting story is just as funny reading it has hearing it at dinner the other night! :)
    Finley is just the cutest thing ever! And she has always been great when I have been around her! No doubt she had a great time!
    You will definitely be an awesome momma!
    If you need more practice, you can always have Had! Ha!

  7. oh what a precious little cherub she is!!!

  8. You are such a fun aunt! Miss Finley is just to precious...luv her little rolls! I think babysitting for free would be better than $15 for 7 hours! lol!

  9. She is just the cutest thing! You are such a good Aunt!

  10. SHe is CUTE!! How fun for you to take her. I bet her parents love you for that.

  11. Cute! Love the chubbles cheeks!!!

    Looks like a fun time, and I so loved those books too;-)

  12. I mean, really? REALLY? I just want to SQUEEZE her. I can't handle the cuteness!! Sounds like a fun time!

  13. You really do know how to entertain!!! I loved the pictures and your narrative!! I would think that all of you were worn out after that busy day!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  14. Awww love her! I love babysitting her too, she's so easy! And obviously it helps that she's just the cutest!

  15. So cute! And I love how you guys packed her schedule! Lol! Awesome. And dude.. it is SURPRISING how much kiddos move in their sleep. I nannied a few years ago and the only time the kid would sleep was when she was in bed with me.. and at 3am, I was like "whatever, just stop crying and come sleep.." After I got whapped in the face a few times, I regretted that decision. lol! :)

  16. Katie! We would have loved a playdate!

  17. Aww, how fun!! You are such a great aunt! And oh my goodness, Max looks just like his dad!


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