The crowds have spoken

iphonepics 628 058

I couldn’t just choose just one….so I got two!  Luckily, I got a family discount. I heart you, Kyle!

Now, I know the aviators weren’t a crowd favorite, but they really did look better in real life than they did in my pictures.  And the others are #6! 

I love that you people can make a decision. I definitely need to do this more often!!!


  1. These look gorgeous. For some reason I can never find shades that look good on me. I do like the two you chose.

  2. yay katie! that was such a fun post, excited for you on your new purchases! kels

  3. Yay! Congrats! Sunglasses are a fun new buy and two pairs is even better! :)

  4. Yeah, those are fabulous, like really fabulous! :) You definitely need two pairs. I lose and or break sunglasses at least once a year, soooo having another pair never hurt anyone. ;)

  5. How fun. I am so glad you like what you bought.


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