I make my friends work for dinner

This weekend we had over a few friends (the ones who always have us over, but we haven’t invited them over in ages – we love you guys!)  Not because I am totally lazy (ahem), but because thought it would be fun, we had a pizza bar for everyone to make their own pizzas.

While I would love to say my great culinary idea was the star of the show, it was really Finley and Owen.  Could they be any cuter?  (Finley loves sitting in the doll stroller!)

iphone pics_053111 024iphone pics_053111 025

And because I totally forgot to take a picture before everyone got here, here is a picture of the toppings after about 3-4 pizzas were made. 

I had four sauces: traditional pizza sauce, alfredo, pesto and garlic olive oil.

I had four cheeses: mozzarella, feta, parmesan and fresh mozzarella.

Other toppings: pepperoni, canadian bacon, mushrooms, olives, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes (not pictured), and two different kind of peppers. 

iphone pics_053111 031

Each couple got their own crust (picked up for $3 each from Papa Murphy’s. Score – and a great tip for anyone hosting their own pizza party!)

So here are some of the creations in before and after form (and they really showcase my lovely photo taking skills):

iphone pics_053111 027iphone pics_053111 034

This was my sister and brother-in-law’s pizza. Can you tell he worked at Mazzio’s at one time?

iphone pics_053111 029iphone pics_053111 035

Somehow I didn’t get a picture of this one once it came out of the oven…

iphone pics_053111 030iphone pics_053111 032

This is our pizza. Mine is pretty much white. I love alfredo sauce as the base of my pizza, but really cannot stand fettucine alfredo. I also put every single cheese topping I had on this puppy, along with a few sundried tomatoes.  It was really good.

iphone pics_053111 033iphone pics_053111 036

And for dessert I picked up some cupcakes from Smallcakes/Freshberry. They are all really good and moist. I am especially fond of birthday cake (sprinkle) cupcake. Love them!

iphone pics_053111 023

My only party mishap was as Megan and Andy got here, I took the cheese sticks I had out of the oven and they fell all.over.the.floor.  There may or may not have been some explicit words muttered and doors slammed, but I think we still managed to have a good night!

Not pictured: The one thing I actually did make – a salad!


  1. What a great way to enteretain friends!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Such a fun idea, and your pizza looks delicious! I never think to make alfredo pizza...going to have to do it soon now. :)

  3. Ok, cute idea on the pizza making. And I need you to not show any further photos of cupcakes...that doesn't help my diet. :)

  4. I love this idea! We do a supper club once a month with rotating dinner at one of six couple's houses, and I am June! Might just have to copy you. Also, those cupcakes look RIDICULOUS! Finally, how stinkin' cute is Finley's dress. Mallory has it! LOVE IT!

  5. I love this idea!! I may have to "steal" it from you!!

  6. Sounds so fun and such a great idea!

  7. Fun post! Looks like your party was a yummy one...I especially love your blue and white plates and the two precious lil ones (babies not plates) are so cute! Thanks for the pizza dough tip and also good to hear the cupcakes were tasty. They are on my list of places I've been wanting to try.

  8. Great party idea...LOVE IT and as usual I am going to have to steal an idea from ya!! I HAVE to hunt down that B-day cake cupcake the next time we are in Tulsa!

    Oh-Happy Belated Anniversary ;-)

  9. Cute idea! I especially love the cupcakes! Yum!

  10. HOW FUN! What an awesome idea...totally stealing that one from you btw! lol!

  11. Mmmmm pizza! Thats a brilliant idea!

  12. That pizza looks so good!

    I just found your blog today and I would love for you to check out mine and follow back! :)


  13. This is such a great dinner party idea! I love it.


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