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When trying to think about something to blog about today, I realized I had taken a few pictures over the past few weeks of things to share with you guys.

I love making flower arrangements (as you guys know). I threw this one together all from the grocery section flowers. Very festive. Probably would have been nice to show you this in December, but think of it as inspiration of what you can do with grocery store flowers all year! :)

random january 002

For Christmas my sister gave me these adorable babushka prints! Aren’t they cute?!! I want the perfect place to hang them, so I have been mulling this over for a week or two.  I just love them!

random january 004

A few years ago my friend Megan moved into a new house and has a wrapping closet. I envied her greatly. I was especially jealous of her wrapping paper solution. It was an old map stand. Probably two months ago Megan dropped by with a surprise – my very own map stand that she got for free at work! Isn’t that cool??

random january 005

Remember at Christmas when I posted about the Paperjacks paper ribbon?

You guys, I loved it. It was so cute and I got tons of compliments on my gifts It is definitely something I would use year-round with craft paper.  Also, her packaging was super cute.

Christmas 2011 021Christmas 2011 023

Christmas 2011 022

I did a terrible job taking pictures of my gifts with the “ribbon,” but take my word for it – they were ridiculously cute!


  1. I love the map stand, and that was very sweet of Megan!! Your packages do look very cute, and Karen did something similar with her gifts this year using just the flat ribbon - instead of bows!! You girls are just so clever!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I love the ribbon! Love! I wish I hadn't missed that post somehow; I would have purchased some! I seriously blog on Sunday nights (when my roomie is working), but fall off the wagon during the evenings and often miss a lot of posts. Blerg. And EXCELLENT idea about the map stand! That's so nice of Megan! And I just think you're so talented with the floral arrangements! That's gorgeous!

  3. I love the prints! They are so cute!

  4. taking the map stand idea for my wrapping paper...THANKS...where do you keep it?! You are SO gifted at floral design...sigh...I am jealous!


  5. I got a Pandora bracelet for my mom for Christmas, and when I was picking out charms I saw a little babushka one. I immediately thought, "Katie would love this!"

  6. oh that paper ribbon is so cute! I've gotta get some! And I'd totally love to hear more about this grocery store arranging you're so good at!

  7. I love those babushka prints and would love to have a wrapping closet!

  8. love the map stand for the wrapping paper!


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