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Obviously my New Year’s resolution has not been to blog more often. Oh well, there’s always next year ; ).

But since I have gotten better about planning my meals for the week, I thought I would share my menu. Feel free to share your favorite meals. I am always looking for something new!

Sunday: Hawaiian Roll SlidersAsparagus • French Fries

On the sliders, I substituted the ham for turkey, the white rolls for Hawaiian rolls, eliminated the mayo/miracle whip and used Cabot White Cheddar instead of swiss. I got rave reviews.

On the asparagus, we intended to make brussell sprouts, but the store as out. Instead we made asparagus following these directions.

Monday: Well, I actually didn’t make this Monday. But this was my intention. I will probably make tomorrow or this weekend. Crock Pot Potato Soup via Aja’s blog.

Tuesday: Southwest quiche with a salad. I am actually making this tonight. I will let you know how it goes.

Wednesday (tomorrow, maybe?) Chicken meatballs with roasted cauliflower.

Thursday: Chicken tacos and corn

Now, for my weekly faves from last week. Well, there weren’t many. People weren’t blogging (maybe this is the cause of my lack of motivation to type.)

Loving this free printable posted on Chickabug via idea obscura. Great ideas for the New Year!

While this was a New Year’s party, you could definitely do a favorite thing’s party year-round via the Creative Orchard.

No picture, but I was loving this great post from Sarah at Life {Sweet} Life answering all of your design questions! You will definitely get some great tips on planning your next party!


  1. I made the taquitos you blogged about not too long ago. They were yummy!! I wanted to eat the mixture with a spoon.

  2. I love seeing other people's menus! It gives me new ideas. I'm not a huge egg fan but I somehow really like quiche. I guess it's all the cheese and other goodies mixed in! ha. I'll have to add that into the rotation for something new :)

  3. Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by... I have bought the tea at both Hyvee and Price Chopper, not sure if OK has those grocers but I think you can order it through amazon as well! I love your blog, I added you to my google reader! Happy New Year!


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