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Today Amy posted some really cute pictures of my sister and I had to share. She is due in about 6 weeks and she just looks adorable!

I haven’t really bought too much stuff for Baby #2, but my coworker is now selling bows and I bought Finely and the new baby (yet to be named, ahem) a matching bow set:

You can view her shop here.  Also, Finley’s bow is named after her. How cute is that??

(Sorry, Allison, you are finding out about this gift on my blog!!)

In other niece and nephew news, I found out I am going to have another nephew this summer. Tommy’s sister is having a boy! By the end of the summer we will have three nephews and three nieces.

Not niece or nephew related, but still on the theme of babies, my friend Iris is having another boy in just a few days. We went to dinner on Saturday and I got her a little gift for the baby that I found to be hilarious. Her husband and Tommy used to lift weights on a regular basis (before Tommy developed his neck and back issues) and Matt is still very into sports, so I thought this was very fitting:

It’s a rattle. Isn’t that hilarious???  You can get it at or if you are in Tulsa, I bought this at the Snow Goose.

Let me know your most clever/fun/unique baby and kid gift ideas! As you can see, I have lots on my to buy for list!


  1. Do you know about Posh House Originals? They are girls I went to High School with and they both live in T-Town. SUch cute baby stuff!!!

  2. It was the prefect gift for us!!! It will be used as a prop in future pictures for sure :)
    ~ Iris

  3. Sister!! You are the best aunt EVER!! Thank you for your sweet compliments!! I am DYING of cuteness over those headbands!! That will be the cutest thing ever in pictures!!! Love you!!

  4. I left a comment earlier, but I don't know where it went. Anyway I said that Allison is adorable, and the bows are so cute!! You are the best aunt ever!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. That dumbbell is awesome! And Allison looks adorable! So teeny!

  6. Yeah, Allison, name that baby already!!! :)

    And that weight rattle is awesome! So funny.

  7. Baby Weights - Oh my goodness! I have a nephew on the way that will be receiving one of those... That is the cutest thing ever! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Your sister looks so good! I love the baby weights gift. Hilarious.

  9. Ummm...Allison looks AMAZING. She can NOT only have 6 weeks left!! She is adorable. And the weight rattle?! My nephew NEEDS that. Your blog is costing me a lot of money friend...but I love it!! :)

  10. Your sis looks SO great! Love that baby weight! Snow Goose rules!

  11. That little baby weight is so funny! Ha!

  12. My nephew will sure love this one because he adore lifting things and this one I guess will suit him best.

    baby gifts online


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