Ringing in the New Year

You know what’s awesome about having a bff with a blog? You don’t have to do a New Year’s post! :) 

Check out my ridiculously wild new year's eve here. (That was written with my sarcastic font…I think the party broke up by 12:30 and it involved board games. But it was fun nonetheless! We, of course, had great company!)

Also, Megan, I am glad that you made me wait to change into my pajamas until after all the photos were taken.  Good call on that one.


  1. Ok, came back after reading Megan's post. Totally thought you changed into your pj's at someone else's house for a minute!!

  2. Love your hair so much! I dont think I ever tell you that, but Megan's post just reminded me with that last photo of y'all! Fun that you went to Duke's! I feel like there's so much more stuff out south that I need to try!

  3. Happy New Year! Looks like a fun night with friends. Nothing better! :)


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