Menu Friday & an App

Um, since Menu Monday didn’t happen, maybe Friday will work better. That way you can plan for next week?  Ha!

I will tell you that having a menu plan is such a time and money-saver for me.  In an effort to eat more naturally, I bought all of my ingredients (that I didn’t already have on hand) at Whole Foods and my total bill was only $50.  Several of these meals made enough for both dinner and lunch the next day. So, I am basically a walking value meal.

Sunday: Aja’s Crockpot Baked Potato Soup
Monday: Tomato & Sausage Risotto from Smitten Kitchen – we actually had this on Tuesday because my sister had us over Monday night. But this made enough for dinner both Tuesday and Wednesday night.  It is delicious, too!
Tuesday: Turkey burgers and Roasted Brussell Sprouts from the Cooking Photography Blog Wednesday: Honey Balsamic Chicken and Pesto Orzo via Baked Bree
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Skinny Pad Thai via Skinny Kitchen

Another fun find, which you guys are all probably already using, is the MyFitnessPal app.

You basically put in your current weight, how much you would like to lose and then you can track your workouts and foods. I love the feature that you can just scan the bar code of what you are eating and it adds the calories for you.  Awesome.

It is basically an online food journal and it does make you so much more aware of what you eat. I am someone who would have a piece of candy here and there while sitting at my desk and now that I am being “held accountable” I am making much smarter food choices – like cuties instead of cookies.


  1. I have missed you - and your blog!! I'm going to get that app - maybe it will make me shed the pounds I need to lose!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I have an old flip phone (ha!) and of course that doesn't allow for apps, but I'll definitely try this online. And I completely agree about having a menu. Saves so much time and money. I talk about it all the time, but can't get myself motivated to start working on it. I wish I knew of a cute menu book that was out. If it's cute, it makes it more fun to use. :)

    Good luck!!

  3. I tried my fitness pal.. It didnt work for me. It told me I had 200 calories remaining and I thought "Nope. I want more than that." haha.. I'd totally try it again when I'm not as strict on myself b/c I think I was being too rigid. :) That baked potato soup sounds yummmmmmmy!

  4. "So, I am basically a walking value meal."
    You are so funny!
    I'm going to have to try the Pad Thai recipe. My husband is all about Pad Thai and the fact that I actually cooked will probably amaze him even more.
    Have a great weekend!

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  6. Yay menu planning! I might have to steal some recipe ideas for next month. Mmmmm!


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