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This is a repost from December of 2008, but since most of you either are new followers of my blog or more than likely forgot I ever wrote this, I thought I would repost. This is one of my most favorite Christmas gifts that I have ever given, so I thought it might be of interest to you this Christmas season.

From 12/31/2008
A few months ago at my entrepreneur group meeting, one of the girls in my group was talking about a personalized cookbook that she made. Um, hello, why had I never thought of that??? She referred me to the site http://www.createmycookbook.com/ where you can customize and create your own cookbook. It is super easy and I am really pleased with the final product.

My dad loved to cook and I knew he kept every recipe on my parent's home computer, so for Christmas I wanted to surprise my mom and sister with a cookbook with all of my dad's recipes. While going through them, I found many had been passed down for generations and new ones too. So, I decided to name the book Memories Around the Table. The front and back cover is a huge picture of my dad's entire extended family on his mother's side. (Right, Aunt Angie?) My dad was just a baby in this picture and you can barely see him. He is behind the woman in the dark shirt on the front row (my grandmother) on his dad's shoulder.

This is the cover picture in its entirety. I had it wrap around the book to be the front and back cover.

You can customize the book to be hard bound or spiral (I chose spiral because it would get here before Christmas) and you can include up to 100 pages of content.

You can also include pictures throughout the book. I have some pictures of food and other pictures throughout the book of people cooking. They do have stock photos that you can use for graphical images of food too.

I think this would make an awesome gift for any cook in your life!


  1. I know it meant so much to me. You were ahead of your time. love, mom

  2. Katie,
    You did a great job on the cookbook, and it is a wonderful gift for family members!!!! My three children love it, and the photo on the cover is perfect!! In the photo are Grandmother Provenza, the eleven Provenza siblings, and their spouses and children. You are just so creative and resourceful.
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  3. This is so special! I was just thinking of doing a photo album for my Gramma this xmas, but now I'm thinking I should put in recipes too!

  4. Katie,

    Aunt Angie showed me her copy the other night at dinner. I will definitely be ordering one! What a nice keepsake for the DeFatta family - thanks for putting it together. I will be so pleased to teach our DeFatta children to cook these family favorite recipes, and to remember some of the relatives they did not have an opportunity to meet. Thanks! love,

  5. This is such a fantastic idea!! What a lovely memory to have and pass down...I want to do this for my mom now!! Thanks for sharing, cheers!


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