Flower Party

I know I have mentioned my flower business several times on my blog. While I loved to do flowers, the actual working with perishable items for people's weddings was super stressful.

Annually, my flower partner and I have made it an event to get together the Sunday before Thanksgiving to do flowers for friends, family and ourselves for the holiday. And it is always so much fun!

Saturday my mom and I went to Sam's and got tons of flowers. (So many that people even stopped us in the store to ask what we were going to be doing.)

Snipped and ready to go.

Lindy, my mom's good friend, came and had never done a flower arrangement in foam before. I think she did awesome!!!

I made three arrangements for friends.

All together now.

My mom did this for her next door neighbor. She did a great job.
And I love, love, love what Brenna did with her arrangements. Aren't these adorable???

She is so creative!!

My favorite thing is that we all had the same flowers to work with, but they all look so unique and different.

I also made one for myself. I wasn't going to work that hard without getting something for me :).

I hadn't worked with foam in ages. (I think I am too lazy to go to all of the trouble. Brenna prefers it because she has more control over it. I think this is why we made great partners.) So it was fun to get to do one of her arrangements.

Here are most of them. Can you believe we knocked all of this out in three hours? And this is excluding my sister's arrangement, my arrangement and Lindy's!

What do you guys think?


  1. I think you are unbelievably talented, creative . . . and fast!!! All of the arrangements are so beautiful.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. What a fun tradition!! They all look gorgeous!

  3. Those turned out amazing! I love flowers. I'm going to attempt to make my own boquets for my wedding, so I'm kind of nervous. I may be seeking your advice in the future!

  4. how fun!!! what a fabulous idea, i've never heard of such a thing as a flower party! i LOVE it though!! all the arrangements turned out beautiful! :)

  5. those are beautiful you are very talented

  6. Impressive! I'm so jealous. Why don't you live here anymore????? love,

  7. What a fabulous idea for a party- your bouquets look very festive and lovely for fall!


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