You smell so good!

Today over at Simply Creative Insanity she posted some ADORABLE soaps she found at etsy shop KC Soaps N More. Um, it's like she knew I was in love with miniatures. And clever packaging.

Don't these soaps look edible?

You would honestly have to tell me the in the card not to eat these.
I would really be in for a surprise.

I am in love!


  1. Those are very realistic!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. those are scary realistic! super cute for guest soaps! the macaroons made me hungry!

  3. What fun soaps, the doughnut ones are my favorite!

  4. I am ADDICTED to buying soap from etsy! I am waiting on a few pkgs now.

    There are soooo many amazing vendors!

  5. Those look SO good! I'd be too afraid I'd try to taste one...

  6. I'm new to the blogging world and a new follower! Found you on the Oklahoma blogging ring :)

  7. Soooo cute. I want one! Especially the macarons. And the cupcake... And the candy apples...

  8. OMG! Those do look so real! I love them though! They are adorable!


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