Christmas Shopping...already

I am dying over my friends on Facebook who have already posted that they have all of their Christmas shopping done. I mean, what are they going to do while the rest of us are stressed out, shopping at the last minute and can't find that perfect something? They apparently have no sense of adventure.

I will admit that I do already have one sister-in-law bought for and done....and that's pretty much it. I have picked up some cute things, though, for my nieces and nephews that I thought I would share.

My niece Olivia is either going to think I am the coolest aunt ever for getting her everything Olivia or will wonder when I will get her something she really wants. Luckily, she isn't even one yet, so I have a little time. But is this Olivia doll not adorable? So far I have only forayed into books, so hopefully she will like her first Olivia stuffed animal.

I was asking my sister-in-law Kristen what I should get Max this holiday. I mentioned a repeat of last year's gift - a small tent - that was pretty much ruined within 4 weeks. I am sure it had nothing to do with the quality. Or maybe a sleeping bag because I totally fell in love with these from Pottery Barn Kids. Because really, have you ever seen anything cuter???
Apparently, Max has been on a slumber party/sleeping bag kick because Minnie Mouse had one on the Mickie Mouse Club and wanted to know if he had his own sleeping back. So, another person's holiday is completed. Check marks for me.


  1. I haven't really started my Christmas shopping either, but I have some things in mind. Those sleeping bags are just too cute!

  2. Those sleeping bags are the cutest thing ever!!

  3. I haven't started yet either. Sigh. Maybe after Thanksgiving?

  4. Aww, I love those little sleeping bags! Too cute. I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet...

  5. Cute ideas, as always! Also, if you are ever looking for a great preschool gift, my kids and their friends love games....and you can get GREAT deals on games this time of year - some stores will run them for $5, $10, and sometimes even buy-one-get-one free! A current favorite for my kids is the Elefun game (plastic blue elephant whose trunk shoots out little butterflies that you "catch" with nets....even Addison loves this one, and Cooper can help her reload the elephant! brilliant), Honey Bee Hop, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Candyland (of course), and Operation (although NOT recommended for kids under about 4 - pieces are so tiny and require some better hand-eye coordination). This year they will be getting Twister - should be hilarious!! Enjoy! love,Jennifer

  6. Kate and Will have these sleeping bags. We love them. Will uses his when we travel. Kate loves to get hers out of the closet to play all the time. You should get for Max! Love, ann


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