Summer Fun!

We have had lots of fun already this summer with our nieces and nephews! It is fun to do activities with them, so I thought I would share some things that we have been up to.

For my Tulsa friends, if you are looking for a fun park and splash pad for your kids, Bentley Park in Bixby is really great!

Here is an image from their website of their splash pad:

And here’s a pic of the park:

And here is Finley having a blast. She LOVES Max and Drew and they met her out here a few Sundays ago. Can you tell she is having fun?

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Today I ventured out on a little field trip with the nieces and nephews again and we visited the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory in Broken Arrow. You can’t take photos during the tour, but you do get to view the ice cream being made, packaged and box. It is a really short tour – maybe only 30 minutes.

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But you do get some good treats at the end! It is definitely fun for a cool summer treat with the little ones in your life!

I have had my eye on this Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream for some time now at the grocery store:

Luckily, they had it as one of the options. It was much like the brownie batter blast – delicious at first, but super rich. This is definitely not an ice cream you could eat in one sitting, which in my case would be a good thing. I am on my third day of ice cream/yogurt in a row, but I usually get it with fruit, so it is basically a diet food then, right? :)


  1. Super fun! I have always loved having my niece and nephew, but it is so much more special now with Hadlea. She just loves them so much and follows them around constantly. Thankfully they are both old enough to understand she just wants to be with them so they are GREAT at entertaining her!
    And your 22 week bump... you are just too cute!

    Nursey updates are a must! :)

  2. Did you take all three children by yourself to the Blue Bell Factory? You are such a fun, sweet aunt!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. That splash pad looks awesome- that's one thing I'm so upset to be leaving in Tulsa- Missouri doesn't have fun things like that and our niece loved the splash pads, so I know Emersyn would have as well! We loved the one over on Riverside too!

  4. I have always wanted to go the blue bell factory! Looks like fun! You are such a sweet aunt! :)

  5. That park looks like so much fun!!

  6. You are such a great Aunt, and will be a wonderful momma! We love that splash pad and park and try to hit up Blue Bell at least once a summer.

    Your nephews and niece are so stinking cute! Can't wait to see your sweet girl!


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