Bumpdate 24 weeks


I’d say baby is growing, don’t you think? I think she is laying horizontal, rather than perpendicular.

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6-7 pounds as of last week, but I think we have had a growth spurt! There were some days this week where I was STARVING and felt like I was constantly eating.

Gender: It’s a girl!

Movement: As I mentioned earlier, I think she is laying horizontally today (she seemed diagonal last week), so I feel her kicks and punches in my left and right side. Also, we went to the LMFAO concert last week and I swear she was loving it. That or she thought it was way too loud. She was tired (so I assume) the next day. So was momma! 

Sleep: I have had a couple of 6-7 hours of straight sleep. It was GLORIOUS.

Maternity Clothes: I have been trying to wear dresses lately. I had to take one off the other day because it was kind of empire waist and was not flattering AT ALL. I have had to break out the Bella band for my pants and shorts.

Symptoms: This week I had my hand go numb and one finger. Super weird, especially the one finger. I called the doctor and they said to expect this throughout the pregnancy, but by noon she had moved and everything felt back to normal.

Also, still veiny, especially in my hands. Pretty.

Aversions: Fried food still.

Cravings: Sushi. I haven’t had any and probably won’t. My doctor said it was fine, but let’s be honest, I would just spend the entire night/day worrying about if I was going to get sick. And the roll I like isn’t even raw. Ha!

Best Moment this week: Planning for her room, looking for registry items and I won a custom stamp in a contest and ordered it with her name on it. I don’t think I had ever written down what her full name was, so that was fun --- and more official! (Name coming soon – I think!)

Also, my sister-in-law made an awesome homemade Key Lime Pie and you know how I have felt about Key Lime Pie this pregnancy. That was a definite highlight.


  1. You are finally looking pregnant, and you look adorable!!I can't wait to see you at the end of this week!! Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Your bump is too cute! Can't wait to hear what her name is.

  3. hi there!! new to your blog :) i love it over here! not sure how i stumbled but i am so glad i did. i cant wait to read more from you!!! congrats on your sweet, little bump. glad to hear you are feeling pretty ok!

  4. OMG there she is!! Now you just need to think of things to say when random people awkwardly start to feel your belly. And yours is really cute, so you are going to get more action than a college girl with a fresh lower back tattoo. You might want to google "Anti-Bacterial Body Suit" just in case.

    Can't wait to see all the progress with her room. Isn't it weird writing down their names? Like, as if the ultrasounds, crazy movement & you know, growing body isn't enough to make it real....WRITING down her name and it's like; BOOM! WE ARE HAVING A BABY!! AAAHHHHH!!!


  5. You are the cutest pregnant woman ever!! Love love love the bump :) Can't wait to hear her name! No pressure to share--you know I loved keeping Berkley's name to ourselves until the very end. Such a special time!

  6. You are TOO cute! Must see that bump in person soon! :-) And of course, I am DYING to hear her name, but I am super impatient like that! Ha!

  7. You are too cute with that little belly! All the teasers on her name are killing me - I want to know!

    So happy things are going well for you!

    Love, Amy H

  8. There she is!!! You look adorable.

    OH! And you should hunt around on Pinterest for some type of dessert sushi you can make!! And then invite me over so you don't have to eat it all by yourself! M'kay??

  9. You look so great! I cannot wait to find out what you are naming her!

  10. So cute! I craved sushi like crazy too! I had it several times with each and then said the same thing, I would rather not worry each time I ate it :-) Then it was the first thing I asked for after having them, hehe! Hope you're having a great day!

  11. Adorbs, as usual. :)

    PS Can I adopt your sweet Aunt Angie? For serious.

  12. You look adorable!! Can't wait to hear her name. :)

  13. You look so great, Katie! I have weird things go numb all of the time..a toe, my tongue..so strange. I can't wait to see the room and hear her name! Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

  14. You are such a tease with the name! :) You look great! I need to see that bump in person!

  15. You look so cute! And I love your comment about "veiny. Pretty." haha... You look fantastic, silly girl! I only hope I dont want fried food when I'm pregnant!


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