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My computer is currently cooperating with me. I had high hopes that I could fix it myself, since I am the IT Director of my house and all. Not so sure that worked, but we are in business right now, so I thought I would show you what furniture I have purchased so far for the baby’s room.

I got the crib at Pottery Barn Kids and let me tell you, this was no easy task, but worth sharing because at the end of the day, I was pleased with the customer service.

I had a $200 credit card rewards credit that expired….well, almost a year ago. I am nothing if not tenacious, though, so that credit was not going to go to waste. 

I first called the catalog (this is a catalog/internet only item) and they told me to call the number on the back of the card. The number on the back of the card told me to call another number, then that person told me to call back the catalog. This is after the course of multiple other calls in the meantime. I finally got a sales rep who agreed to honor my credit and I am now the proud owner of a backordered crib. 

My color scheme for the room is gray, turquoise and pink (I promise to show you in another post when I get the bedding nailed down). So I (and when I say “I” I really mean my mom), want to paint the dresser a turquoisey color. I was going to buy this one from Mathis Brothers:

Only it was about $1200 and I would be having to match the bedding to the color of the dresser. So instead I decided to order this:

It is completely unfinished and now we (mom) can paint it the perfect color to match the room. It also was about $750 less than the one from Mathis, so a win all around. I opened it the other day and the drawers are sturdy, but the top and sides are a little thin. I think it will all come together, though, once it is all put together.  (I will be painting the knobs to match.)

My mom picked this bookcase up for me when she was in Kansas City at the HomeGoods there.

It looks really cute in the room and I am excited to have some storage space.

My last big purchase (other than the bedding) is a glider! I plan to get a plain one and have a slip cover made for it by the upholsterer we use. I will keep you posted on what I buy.


  1. Just painted an old dresser from Becca's childhood furniture turquoise ( I made the chalk paint myself!!!!) and then dark waxed it ! I love it so much I want to move it downstairs to the living room.....but it will probably stay upstairs in what is turning into my craft room :)

  2. OMG LOVE!!! Love all of it! I love the scallop on the bookshelf, the classic lines of the crib & the pop of color from the dresser. Oh, and the massive deals!! Your mom is so amazing with decorating projects I know it will look so incredible!!!

    Now I'm sure your sweet babe will be easier on her things than my precious Alex, but you will be so glad you didn't spend a zillion dollars on this stuff...cause it will get trashed. Sure, you can rationalize all you want that "they will have it forever" but they won't. Not stuff from infancy. Middle school, sure, but not from birth. And then they start to use the stuff as weapons. Poor Alex's room now looks like he lives in a padded cell with only a bed, rocker, dresser and a few baskets of toys/books on the floor (because he started to climb the bookshelf & changing table)....which I will now have to remove because tonight he started to use the plastic dump truck I put books in as a stepping stool. I walked into his room and lord knows what he was doing. But, there as a package of wipes all pulled out on the floor, a squeezed tube of training toothpaste & the room reeked of baby vapor-rub. Ugh.

    Can't wait to see what you are thinking for bedding too!!!

  3. I love everything that you have selected for the baby's room!! I am so impressed with your bargaining skills with PB. I know I would not have wanted to lose a $200 credit, but I doubt very seriously that I could have talked anyone into honoring that. Your mother is amazing!!!! That bookcase is wonderful, and I can't believe she bought it in Kansas City. You are very lucky to have her!! I miss her decorating help with my house.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. Love the furniture and the color scheme! I know her room will look amazing!

  5. LOVE everything! Cannot wait to see it all come together!

  6. What a beautiful crib! I love your color choices, too and can't wait to see how how everything comes together.

  7. Oh so cute! Love that bookshelf! I think we have similar taste, I just painted a dresser teal and have a white crib as well:). Can't wait to see it all put together.

  8. My wedding colors were hot pink and turqouise so needless say I love your color palette! I can't wait to see it all!

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