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My weekly faves kind of fell of the face of the earth due to my computer issues. I have figured out how to get my computer to work…basically, never leave it and not have more than one window open. Once I do, it freezes and it is pretty much over from there.

So anyway, here is what I have been loving and not sharing!

Key Moments posted this tutorial on how to make colored baker’s twine for parties. She got the idea from my friend Sarah at Life Sweet Life, but somehow I forgot about that post. I thought I would share because it is such a great idea!

For my Dr. Pepper lovers, I thought these cupcakes featured at A Blissful Nest were adorable!

Speaking of cupcakes, these might be the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen. Featured at Chickabug.

I have been craving sweets. Imagine that. Pioneer Woman posted all of her favorite summer desserts this week and the list is amazing. Maybe I will have to add making each of these to my summer bucket list ;).

My friend Leah has a great little cooking blog – Easy as Pie – and this week she made pesto with pistachios instead of pine nuts. For some reason I HATE pine nuts, so this seems like a great alternative!

I have some VERY talented friends. Especially my friend Anne from a.party style. You must check out her daughter’s adorable 7th birthday party. Not only was it styled amazingly, if you read about her details, they are so, so creative!

This post doesn’t have a photo to go with it, but I love reading the Hollywood Housewife’s blog. She did a great post about childhood memories the other day and I thought it was a great post for all moms. Basically, the memories that parents try to create are not what resides in our subconscious forever. It is the simple things…like eating nutter butters.

While I haven’t tried this bottle of red wine, I love the creativity of the name. Ha!

And at only $25, you are really getting a deal!

Also featured on Chickabug, look how CUTE this bowling party is!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and Father’s Day! Ours has been pretty low-key, which I LOVE. We are celebrating with my father-in-law tonight. I have been looking forward to this celebration since last night when my sister-in-law told me she would be making homemade blueberry pie AND key lime pie! It’s like she knew!


  1. I love those Dr. P cupcakes! I've given up soda so even seeing those makes my mouth water. Let's just say I'm not over the hump yet.. haha.. :)

  2. LOVE the idea of the casino themed party! It was so cute! Much more appropriate than taking your underage daughter to a casino. Not that I know anyone who did that.



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