What I’m Eating this Week

Well, for some reason my blogging motivation is about pretty much nil. What’s wrong with me? Truthfully, my life is so boring (and, strangely, busy) that I have not had it in me to type.

I have actually been social this week and had a great time last night at my friend Megan’s CPA celebration.  (Hoping she posts pics so that my links are not in vain ;). Anyway, I had to laugh at all of the people (two) who came up to me and told me they love my weekly menus, so I decided to post this one a day early. I always do my shopping on Sundays, so maybe that will be helpful to you.

My friend Addie, though, has been astonished at my grocery bill being so low. I will say, that I look at what I have in my fridge/freezer and try to use what I have on hand as I plan. This week I happen to have all of the meats frozen in my freezer, so that should cut down dramatically on my bill.


Basil Pesto Pizza with cherry tomatoes

My friend Becky sells Wildtree products and they are all-organic oils and mixes. I bought the pesto from her at a party a few months ago and I absolutely LOVE it.

First, I love it because it keeps so much longer than packaged pesto and I can just mix it up whenever I need to. It tastes delicious as well and rivals anything store bought that I have ever had. You just mix it with water and grapeseed oil. I use their garlic grapeseed oil, which is also delicious. I use it a lot in my sautéing.

I also recently bought a pizza crust package from her as well, so I am excited to try it tonight.


Jane, she also has a selection of gluten free bread, brownie and pizza crust mixes.


Mini (Turkey) and Cheese Quinoa Cups I have honestly never tried Quinoa, so I am hoping these taste as good as they look.

Photo and Recipe via Iowa Girl Eats


Baked chicken fajitas. I think I posted this a few weeks ago, but never actually made them. Here’s to this week!

Photo and recipe via Real Mom Eats


PF Chang’s Knock-off Lettuce Wraps My only omission in these will be the water chestnuts. Blech.

Photo and recipe via Iowa Girl Eats


Tomato and Sausage Risotto. I have made this before and it was a hit. Tommy even said this is something we should save to serve to guests. Ha! Definitely an A+ meal.

Photo and recipe via Smitten Kitchen

On another note, my sister wanted me to poll you guys to see what you were using for no-tears baby shampoo. She was wanting something organic/natural that wouldn’t sting Finley or Tatum’s eyes.  If you have any recommendations, please let me know. (This is my sister’s version of a tweet. Ha!)


  1. Your weekly menu is amazing. I feel so lazy. :) Each week I stay I'm going to step up my game in the kitchen, but then I fall back to the usual ordering out at least once or twice in a week. It must stop. Your food really does look incredible. I'm jealous!

  2. I'm glad you hate water chestnuts. If you said you loved them I'd have to ignore the fact that I've liked you for 17ish (HOLY SHITBALLS) years and start hating you. Also ... I can't wait to order some of that stuff! Thanks! :)

  3. Looks yummy!
    I'm a fan of Burt's Bees baby shampoo/wash.

  4. I still use Noodle & Boo shampoo/body wash for Alex. Not sure if it is "all natural" but it smells like heaven and cupcakes and I *think* keeps his hair super shiny all day when he is busy running around being a stinky boy.

    And, for the record, I LOVE your weekly menu!! I would cook some things except you know me & food had a pretty intense falling out a few years back & I am still waiting for cooking to weasel it's way back in to my good graces. :)


  5. Love! I want to try some of these. Living with Eric has made me want to at least TRY to be more domestic in the kitchen.. lol! But, we've lived together a week and I can make well.. like 6 things. So, I need to start coming up with some other options FAST. These sound like a good place to start! ha! :) And I feel ya on the blogging. I just haven't been into it lately. Tonight is the first night I've been blog-interested in a week or two so I'm embracing it for an hour or so til I get tired. :)

  6. I can't wait to hear how the quinoa cups were! And I really want to try the tomato and sausage risotto, too! Yum! I love hearing what you're cooking! :)

  7. Katie, I made the baked chicken fajitas last night, and they were fantastic!! So easy and Greg loved them. I would totally do this again. I used chicken breast tenders, which were already cut up, and that saved even more time and energy since I am not a fan of cutting up raw chicken.

  8. Sorry, it is Katie Ernzen who made the comment above. I am not anonymous!


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