Natural Eating Hits and Misses

With the start of the new year, I embarked on a healthy eating initiative for myself. I said goodbye to cupcakes and hello to cuties. I have found a few things I really love and a few things that I really hate. I thought I would share some of my faves and not so faves with you.


OMG. The Whole Foods Blueberry Almond Granola is like THE.BEST.THING next to an oatmeal cookie that I have ever had. And since an oatmeal cookie isn’t really in my new healthy lifestyle, I have to get the next best thing.

You would honestly think I make this myself because I tell EVERYONE I meet about it. It is pricey ($6 for this little tub), but totally worth the cost.  I am seriously in love.

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And on the notsomuch side:

Actually, I am sure this granola would be okay if I didn’t already have the Whole Foods brand to compare it to. The only way I can eat it is in yogurt. Meh.


I have apparently been living under a rock because I did not have my first cutie until this year. These things are so amazing. They are easy to peel, seedless and taste as close to candy as I have gotten in the past 29 days.

Let it be said, do not be fooled with an imposter:

Tommy and I were at the grocery store and he talked me into Tangelos because they cost so much less. Um, yeah. There is a reason. Double meh. So meh that these now have a home in a work break room.

I also love dried fruit. This one from Whole Foods is only 29 calories, no added sugar and is sweetened with cinnamon. It has great crunch and is a really good treat.


So you know when you eat Special K with Red Berries and you just look forward to the strawberry slices to show up in your spoon? (Is that just me?)

Yeah. Well, there is a reason it also comes with the cereal bits. Take my word for it.

And while I don’t have a corresponding miss for this hit, I do love some Pirate’s Booty!

They taste a lot like cheetos, only they aren’t as bad for you. A girl has to have some fun, right?

Fill me in on your favorite natural foods/snacks! I am so new at this, so I need as much help as I can get!


  1. Hi, Katie,
    I have left comments on the last three or four posts, but they have not shown up . . .I don't know what is happening. Anyway, I do love the Little Cuties, and I made the same mistake as Tommy with the tangelos - I just couldn't eat them!! I guess I will have to stock up on the Whole Foods Granola when I go to Dallas. Have you tried Nutella? Try it, and (to quote my favorite blogger) you will thank me for it.
    Love Aunt Angie

  2. I love granola too, and since it's a little pricey, I have (unsuccessfully) made my own twice. It's SUPER easy, but I keep leaving it in the oven too long, so don't make my same mistake. Basically get some old-fashioned oats (not the 1-minute ones) and mix with your favorite nuts and some honey. Spread on a cookie sheet and toast at 325 for a few minutes. Stir around and toast a bit longer until it's barely brown. Cool and mix in your favorite berries. Let me know if it works for you!

  3. I LURVE that whole foods granola! And all their produce! I'm also addicted to the roasted pine nut hummus reasors and the regular (non whole foods) stores carry.. I forgot who makes it but it's clear lid and red rim around it... It's yum! With pita chips (from whole foods).

  4. And major kudos on eating healthier! I always try, but usually end up falling off the wagon... I've been better so far this year, though! It's not even really eating less fatty foods, but just eating less processed foods that I wanted to work on. And drinking less soda. *head hung in shame*

  5. I love the "100 days of real food" blog. Great place to find recipes. Search her granola - it's awesome.

  6. New follower on your blog! A go-to work snack for me is some wasa crackers with laughing cow cheese on top. The wasa crackers alone aren't good, but cheese makes everything better!

  7. You are making me hungry.

  8. Hey, speaking of an oatmeal cookie not being in your lineup...have you tried the new Kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookies...I mean, they taste a little "healthier" than your typical oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, but I think they're really delish!!

    And I, too, love the cuties!! I could (and maybe have) eaten like 5 in one sitting!! :) Can I blame that on being pregnant?!? ;)

  9. MMMM..we love pirate booties too! Have you tried making your own granola? It's super easy and really cheap with all natural ingredients (oats, honey, slivered almonds, dried fruit, etc.). I make a lot of it and even eat it as cereal sometimes with milk. We also eat a lot of whole wheat tortillas with natural peanut butter and honey rolled up. My boys think this is a desert. Have you tried the natural popcorn? You can get it at Walmart and it is 10 times better than any popcorn I've ever tasted. It comes in a salt and pepper and lime version too. So good! Honey is my new best friend! It has helped me cut out sugar.

  10. OMG, that granola from Whole Foods is the most delicious thing EVERRR!! I discovered it while on maternity leave, and I was obsessed. I mean, obsessed really doesn't cover it. I can't buy it at all now because I will eat the whole container in one sitting. Shameful.

  11. The Cherry Almond Granola is even better than the blueberry!


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