At the risk of being super annoying…

I wanted to share with you my most recent must-have find. I have shared with you guys my healthy-eating journey and my most recent recipes, which have left my pants a little loose. (I know, bad problem to have and this is what I was talking about when I said “at the risk of being super-annoying.”) I am not really ready to go all out and buy new pants, but I came across an awesome find from my friend Audrey Paige:

Basically, today I had a conundrum. I had a pair of pants I wanted to wear, but they were baggy and dragging the ground. So I wore a belt with them. Only problem was my shirt wasn’t one I would tuck in, resulting in that horrible belt under a tucked out shirt look. Ugh. Enter the invisibelt. It is basically a super thin belt that has no buckle on it, so you can keep your pants up without adding any bulk.

And since I am already in my gym clothes, here are some before and after pics I stole:

I wish I was getting paid for this or got offered a free product. (Invisibelt, if you are reading this, I would be happy to take another one ;) I love it! You can get it in Tulsa at the Glass Slipper or online here. I bought mine for about $20.

In other random news:

1- Further proof that I wasn’t lying about my very active social life (ha!), my friend Daisi posted about the girls’ night dinner she hosted at her house and her AMAZING shrimp and grits she made, so check it out here. She even has a cute recipe card printable.

2- Do you think I am too old to go to this concert?

Because I so want to go.


  1. That is the best clothing invention ever!

  2. Hell no you're not too old! I want to go too! That's fantastic! Is that HERE?! LMFAO?! I mean.. awesome! Shotsshotshotshots (<-- yes, I really started singing that out loud). :) And I want that belt! Since I've been crossfitting and eating better, I've lost a few lbs..or maybe it's been just toning. I dunno. Either way some of my work pants are just not well.. working for me. Im going to get one this weekend! Thanks for the rec!

  3. I think I just found a b-day present for my mom. She's always complaining about the belt buckles sticking out. Good find!

  4. This seems really neat!

    I say go for the concert, LMFAO would be awesome!

  5. How do you find this stuff??? AND why did we not think of this first!!? Way to go losing some LBs!

  6. I wish I remembered what loose fitting pants felt like... ha!

    And I definitely think you should go to that concert. Get some girlfriends together, and you'll have a blast! :)


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