Tea for Me and Help from You

Now that I have my new Keurig, I am kind of into drinking all things hot. Since I can only consume so many cups of coffee in a day before I get sugar/caffeine shakes, I have started drinking tea. However, I know NOTHING about tea. My favorite so far is the decaf (see aforementioned caffeine issues) Sweet Coconut Thai Chai Tea. I like it because it is sweet and dark and has a really good flavor. But I am looking for new flavors. So for all of your tea drinkers, tell me what I cannot live without.

On another note, I have not one thing planned for Valentine's Day. (And I have a recently engaged friend who needs ideas.) So give me your best Valentine's Day ideas/gifts!


  1. I don't know how great of an idea this is...but I loved it and thought it was pretty creative. Sey got a bunch of candy bars and wrote me a V-Day card last year. I thought it was a cute idea for a card. I can't remember what all it said, but he used Sweetarts, Reeces Pieces, Hot Tamales, 100 Grands, Milky Way...you get the picture.

  2. A few years back when my husband worked just down the hall from me, I took some heart candy to him each hour. The first heart was a tiny red hot heart, the second was a conversation heart, the third was a chocolate mint heart. Each hour the candy hearts or heart shaped boxes of candy got bigger until we left work for the day. At home there was a huge heart shaped box of chocolates. The best fun was when he was away from his desk and he would find them when he came back.

  3. My idea is pretty similar to Regina's. I like the idea of surprising your loved one with little gifts, cards, etc. throughout the day too. One year, I gave my then-boyfriend, now- husband a gift for each month we had been together (it was only about 6 at that point). I surprised him with breakfast at his apt, tied balloons to his car, etc. This year, I am planning on putting some candy and a note by his briefcase in the morning, leaving him some heart-shaped cookies for lunch, and cooking him a nice dinner after work. Because I think its the little things that count and you know...it's all in the details ;)

  4. I still have no clue what I'm doing gift-wise (I'm thinking a subscription to Food & Wine mag...he's so domesticated!), but we are going to do our annual fondue dinner. It's a fun way to celebrate our engagement anniversary and Valentine's Day. We just do cheese and chocolate and I look forward to it all year long! It feels fun and romantic and special.

    I'll be checking back for everyone else's responses...I need some good ideas, too!

  5. I'm dying for a keurig even though I'm not a huge coffee drinker...they just seem fun and I love the little packets you use with it! I've got nothing for Vday yet and it's tomorrow! :(

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