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When I initially started this blog the purpose was more business related. On the side I was doing websites and logos and for friends and friends of friends. My blog has kind of evolved in the past three years as more of a way for me to share things I like and love. I don't really do logos or websites anymore, but occassionally will help a friend out, which leads me to this post.

My sorority sister, Dawn, emailed me a week or so ago and is starting her own photography business in Austin. She is very talented and I cannot wait to share her site once she gets it up and running. She will be focusing on babies and families. (If I have any Austin readers, leave a message and I can have her send you her info.) Anyway, she was in need of a logo. And she was going to give me creative license, which is always very fun. (Obviously, she was very involved in the process, but there were no restrictions - just a girly logo.)

I had fun going back and forth with her and we both LOVE how it turned out:

I also wanted to share some of my other favorite logos that I have created over the years.

This next logo is from my friend Becky's business, Miss Bee's Specialties. Becky is BEYOND talented and artisitic. She does the most amazing work and sells some really, really amazing custom artwork, frames and stationery.

No longer in business anymore, I created this logo for a friend of a friend who had a custom card business. I have always loved this logo. She had the idea of a flower coming up out of the "i" and we both fell in love with this.

I created this logo for my friend Jackie who was starting a business selling nap mats and monogrammed items for kids. She has gone back to work full time and is no longer in business, but I loved how this logo turned out as well.

Now, my most famous logo has been for Sage Culinary Studio. Catherine and I used to work together and when I heard she was starting the studio, I just started creating logos and sending them to her. She probably thought I was crazy! The ideas evolved and we both came up with this.

I have to admit, it is pretty cool to drive by and see your logo in lights!

Photo via Tulsa Food Blog

Catherine also has a coffee bar and melt bar (a make your own grilled cheese bar -- isn't that awesome???) coming soon to her Brookside location, which I have done logos for too.
Hope you guys like them all!


  1. That is SOOO cool! I bet that feels good to see your work in lights - wowza! I'm impressed!

  2. WOW! I had no idea you did stuff like this! So cool...and good to know. :)

  3. neat! it's like having your name in lights (sorta)

  4. Ohmygosh! I had no idea you did the Sage logo! That's awesome! And I love all the other ones, too! You're very talented, girl!

  5. These are amazing. I had no idea you designed logos. And I can only imagine the feeling of driving by and see your logo in lights. How cool! I wish I were that creative.

  6. All of those logos look great, Katie!! You are so talented, and your dad would be very proud of you!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  7. Since you are SO stylish...I'm passing on a Stylish Blog Award to you since I enjoy your blog so much. :) Check out my blog for what to do!

  8. You are super talented girl! I love the logo in lights! I would probably go out of my way just so I could drive by it all the time!

  9. Can't wait to see Dawn's blog and all her amazing pics!

    And what happened with Cards With Hope? I looooooved her amazing cards that had such an amazing message with gorgeous designs!!! Insert major sads here!

    As for Sage Culinary Studio....well, I am still slightly bitter that we couldn't cook it up while I was in town last month. Slightly.


  10. Whoa, I'm so impressed! I didn't realize you started the blog as a business thing...I'm glad it's evolved!

    I love them all, especially the bees one!

  11. That is so cool that your design is in lights!

  12. Wow you are so talented and creative! Did you go to school for graphic arts/design or are you self taught? Love them all!

  13. Oh my gosh! Why in the world did you stop? These are really cute logos... wish I had such a cute one :)

  14. It looks great!! I seriously almost called you this weekend to see if you wanted to design a logo for my mom.. but I wasn't sure if you still did them!
    PS- I'm dying to take a cooking class at Sage sometime if you ever want to go together!!

  15. Beautifully at the same time effectively designed logo is enough for your business to attract countless customers round the globe to your business.

  16. I think you’d make it big if you use your creativity for business. Your works actually carry a distinct brand. I now it’s not easy to design a logo, as easy as the end product seemingly appears, much more to be consistent. Anyway, Dawn’s logo looks very personal. And I’m sure clients will surely expect something positive from her company just by looking at it. :)


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