Happy Heart Day!

Yesterday my friend Iris and I (and let's be honest, mainly Iris) threw a little Valentine's Day dinner for our families.

Iris and I became friends through our husbands. They have known each other since they were 5 and when we met we just clicked. We are on some weird telepathic level with each other. I will go to her house and she will have something I just bought (usually from Target, so maybe this isn't so weird). We own the same jeans (not from Target), same shoes, gloves, serving pieces, etc. All bought separate from each other.

Case in point, last night I showed up at her house wearing pretty much the same sweater. I told you, weird.

Even more fun is that Iris and I now live down the street from each other. They just built their house less than a block away and it is just amazing!

Look how cute her decor is!

And I had to show you guys this. Do you not just love her island??? It looks awesome in her house.

So for the party we did an Italian theme. I had my cake guy make us an appetizer cheesecake. It is a savory cheesecake and is like a cheesecake brushetta. Amazing. If you live in Tulsa (or I guess outside of Tulsa and want this mailed to you) and want his info, leave me a comment and I will send you his flyer. They are a little pricey (like $40), but totally worth it!

How cute are these little toppers Iris had?
All the female "kids." On the left is Tommy's sister, Kristen, my sister, Allison and Finley, me and Iris.

Look at my tiny Valentine.
My mom, sister and Finley.

And my Valentine!
Tommy and I were on some telepathic level today. I have been craving chocolate covered strawberries, like almost bought them on two occasions in the past week craving. And then look what I got:

I hope you all got everything your heart desires!
Oh, in other news, I won another contest from The Perks! (Also, I am loving this blog!) Can you believe my winning streak? I have a feeling I will be winning a Pioneer Woman giveaway soon. ha!


  1. Soooo much fun! I had your leftovers for lunch today! YUMMY All your teasing about not being able to cook.... your chicken pasta was delicious!

  2. That appetizer cheesecake looks SO yummm!!!

  3. Loved everything in your post!! How great to have such a good friend and to have so much in common!! You looked precious as always, and it looked like a really fun party!!
    Love, Aunt Angie
    P.S. Uncle Ron gave me a very cute bird feeder from Mrs. McGregor's Garden - my favorite store!!

  4. I love your outfit! Those strawberries look so good!

  5. Oh, look at that cute little Valentine!! I love her tutu skirt! Looks like a fun Vday!

  6. Tommy is such a good Valentine! That savory cheesecake looks yummy - for all you other readers, they are worth every penny!

  7. Katie I love you and hosting with you!!! You are the best. I feel like I'm to you as Hyacinth is to Pioneer Woman! (get it... the flower names :)
    xoxo, iris

  8. Looks like a fun party! Your cheesecake appetizer looks delish!! And both of your sweaters are cute! :)

  9. Can I please have his info? I'd like to do one for Owen's bday party...


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