Trying to be productive

View from the front (don't worry, I didn't step outside to take these pictures):
View from the back:
Based off Facebook, though, I am in pretty good shape because I think I can at least walk out my front and back doors.

I am trying to use my snow day to be productive and find some side tables for my new bedroom. Much easier said than done. I was thinking a metal nightstand. Yeah, those pretty much do not exist. And the ones that do...notsomuch. Any ideas?

I was also planning on using my day to paint my bedroom. I went and bought a sample of Comfort Gray and painted it on my wall and I think it is too blue to go with the bedding. Of course.

So instead I will be making meals and freezing them for a later date. Exciting.

I will also be trying to move very little for fear that my dogs will want to go out and play and I will have to corner them before they get too far into the house and drag their very wet paws (and bodies) onto every dry space.

I will also be planning my summer vacation. I am thinking somewhere like so:


  1. Those are a lot of plans for just one snow day!! Good luck!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I think your drift definitely tops mine! I heard y'all were supposed to get 20 inches today- that is just ridiculous!

  3. You are being much more productive than me! I'm pretty sure I'll have tomorrow too to make up for it though! What meals are you freezing? I've always wanted to try this!

  4. OOh fun about the vacay planning! :)

    And you got a LOT done today, girl! Jealous you can open your doors...haha... My back one is stuck shut. *sigh* Just so glad to have power, food, warmth, wine, and wireless.... ;)

  5. Can’t believe all that snow. It’s 81 here today, come to Florida if you want to escape!! And that vacation looks like PARADISE!!!!! :)


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