Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day

This weekend Iris and I are having a little Valentine's Day party for our families. We are doing an Italian theme, but I ran across this picture on A. Party Style (I have met Anne in real life and she is awesome and awesomely talented - you must visit her blog) and had to share.
While this doesn't really go with our "theme," I think a shrimp cocktail platter placed in the shape of hearts is just so clever.

More soon!


Carrie said...

aww, this is really cute!


Lauren said...

Ha, Love it!! :)

a. party style said...

Oh, you are too sweet! Thanks for the shout out! Have a great V-day!

Building Our Nest said...

I am so excited for our family dinner! It will be so fun to see little Finley with her valentines (McCord, Max, and Drew)!!!

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