A little rant...

Okay, so lately I have been perplexed as I have tried to give several vendors business but have gotten no response via email. From both work related inquiries to personal, I am wondering does anyone really even need the business? Ugh!

When I am working with my clients, I advise them to utilize email as a preferred method of contact (when face-to-face is not feasible). I love email because it not only gives you an electronic record of all of your business dealings but it also lets you respond when you have a screaming child, are in your car or it is way too late to call a client back. I even advise them to use vendors who are "electronic." As, again, it is great to have a record of orders, questions and responses.

When I owned my floral design business, I always got great responses from my clients about my quick response time. (I am probably a little emailed obsessed, admittedly.) But, it saved me many, many times when I ordered one color of flower but received another. And, I often referred back to client emails as a confirmation of what specifics they may have had regarding their order from me.

My recommendation to anyone who is starting their own business or currently owns a business, if you list your email as a contact be sure that you check and respond to email at least once a day. Okay, rant over : )


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