Hide & Seek Boutique

I have recently been working with a longtime friend, Jackie, on her new business venture. I absolutely LOVE to help people get their businesess off the ground. And, it is even more fun to help someone who has a great idea!

Jackie has two little ones and has done what the best entrepreneurs do: found a need in the marketplace and filled it. Jackie will be desiging/creating absolutely adorable mat covers for little ones who take naps at school, matching pillow cases, oil cloth portfolio bags, darling bag tags, mom's organizational products and more! Jackie has exquisite taste and starting her own business is just a natural extension of what she does best -- using her creativity and working with people!

I have loved working with her to get her business started from the ground up! We have worked on all aspects of a new start up, from name to logo to state filings she has gotten it done in under one month's time.

Her business name came from her children's favorite game to play but still leaves her plenty of room to expand her product line and grow her business in the future. We designed her logo with the butterfly design, as butterflies play a game of hide and seek with the world.

I will post a link to her site as soon as she gets it up and going. I am positive she will have awesome success. She has a great product, great packaging and a winning personality! Her items will definitely be the next "must haves" for the modern mom!


  1. Tell your friend who is starting "Hide & Seek Boutique (adorable name and logo by the way) that there is a mom social networking site launching in Tulsa on August 4 that would be perfect for her to get the word out.
    Check it out at www.918moms.com.

  2. I love the name. My company's name is close, and I focus on accessories and crafts for kids. Let me know if you ever want to network. We could certainly work together and I could put your info on my website under a favorite links page. :) Gabi Bohabot
    Hide & Seek Bowtique. http://www.hideandseekbowtique.com


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