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I mentioned on Instagram  a few months ago how I was in a cookbook club. It's a group of girls that get together every other month for a girls' night and we choose one cookbook a year and spend the year trying all of the different recipes from the book.

This year we are doing Chrissy Tiegan's Cravings Cookbook. All of the recipes have been awesome so far, but I have no idea how that girl stays so thin. 

My absolute favorite we have ever done is Real Simple Easy, Delicious Dinners. All of the recipes are so simple (ha - hence the name).  The green chile enchiladas verde is hands-down my absolute favorite.

For dinners in a hurry, I also like Sheet Pan Suppers. Everything goes onto one sheet pan - the starch, meat and veggies. And it makes clean-up a breeze.

Another easy weeknight cookbook is Fast and Slow. It has recipes for slow cookers and simple recipes to whip together in a hurry.

If you're look for a recipe that is especially good for feeding a crowd try Cafe Rio chicken. This stuff is the perfect chicken taco meet and everyone LOVES it and asks for the recipe. You just throw the ingredients in the crockpot and you are all set!

Another blogger I love who always has great recipes is Iowa Girl Eats. She is gluten free as well for any of you who can't eat gluten.  All of her recipes have been great!

This post does contain affiliate links, but I promise these are things I use every day!


  1. I think the concept of a cookbook club is awesome!


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