Back to School Teacher Gifts Part 1

My sister's kids start school this week, so she had me come over to help her get some flower arrangements together for the girls' teachers. 

If you've been to Target lately, they have some really cute mason jars in school themed  - apples, notebook and pencils for $3 each!

Allison picked up some $4 bouquets at Trader Joe's and we put these together for a $7 gift! 

Allison is also going to include a little gift card, so I took a pencil and cut a slit in the eraser to make it a card holder she can just stick in the arrangement!

These sure beat an apple! 


  1. That's so cute! I forgot to do end of year gifts for my kids' teachers (new baby brain), so I was thinking of getting them a back to school gift (same teachers this year)...


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