Spare Moment Saturday

(Haaaa!! I started typing this yesterday and just now got this completed. So maybe the title should be “Spare Moment Over the Period of Two Days.”)

Think I can get people to link onto this catchy title like 5 on Friday has taken off? (Likely no. Especially because this is probably the only time this will ever happen!)

Thought I would share some stuff with you all. (Remember when I used to do that?)

First, since I spend a lot of my free time when waiting in line or whatnot checking my social media sites, I thought I would share three of my favorites.

1- On Facebook I just started following a site called Conscious Discipline. I love it because it gives great tips on how to respond to your child’s behavior at all ages and stages. Here’s an excerpt:

Age-appropriate ways to use Conscious Discipline: Lots-n-lots of examples!
No matter what age your child is, focus on teaching your child what TO DO in the face of daily conflict and “bad” behavior. No matter what age your child is, step one is to calm yourself. Then approach your child in the following age-appropriate ways:

(2 year old) Tantrum in the store:
Your toddler wants a toy in the She throws herself on the floor screaming. You feel angry, embarrassed, tired and desperate. Focus on what you want to have happen rather than on your feelings of discomfort or her tantrum. Take a deep breath. Say to yourself, “You’re safe, keep breathing, you can handle this.” Once you feel calm, you are ready to teach your child to handle frustration and calm down. Be encouraging. Tell her, "You can handle this. Breathe with me. You're safe." Hold her and breathe deeply with her. When her body begins to relax, tell her that she has a choice. "You can sit in the cart and hold the shopping list or you can sit in the cart and hold your doll." Once your toddler makes her choice, say, "You did it! You calmed yourself down and that's hard to do." Celebrate your success together.

2- My favorite party planning instagram is Mindy Weiss. Her photos and events are all stunning.

3- My other favorite Instagrammer is Sweet and Saucy Shop. She has amazing pictures of cakes, parties and her adorable daughter.

Other random musings:

1- Are you guys watching The Mindy Project on Fox? It’s absolutely hilarious. Mindy Kaling from The Office stars as an OB/GYN looking for love. Love it! Even Tommy will watch with me. I wouldn’t recommend watching with your inlaws, though. That was awkward.

2- If you love all things pumpkin like me (with the exception of pumpkin pie, I am totally not into it at all), you must try these pumpkin pie bars. Gingerbread crust and a sweet pumpkin filling totally hit the spot!

3- I am working on Emmy’s play room. I still have some work on it, but I picked up these cute canvas pictures today at Pier 1 for only $15 each. They look like they are on “chalkboard” and I love their message. (Also, much cuter in person!)

5- This is really silly, but as a working mom I was talking to someone the other day about how I manage to fit everything in (though I really don’t, but the baby and I are still alive). For those of you new moms who read this and are about to go back to work, here are my top three tips:

1- Audiobooks from either the library or Audible. This is the only way I can “read.” My current book is the new Bridget Jones book. I am so excited to read it. I LOVED the other ones.

The next one in my queue is the new Malcolm Gladwell book. (One fun one, then one serious one.)

2- I set all of my clothes out on Sunday for the week. I always set Emmy’s out the night before as well.

3- If you want to work out (and don’t worry, I didn’t until she was about 6 months old), try to go on your lunch break. I take mostly weight/abs classes to minimize the sweating and half the time I am easily swayed by a friend asking me out to lunch, but it’s the thought that counts :).

4- Menu Planning. I basically use Pinterest to plan my meals on Sunday and it works for me! If I can get it together, I will post my favorite easy meals because that’s all I can make work around here!

Okay! That’s all I’ve got for today! Hope to be around here more!


  1. I absolutely love audible! It motivates me to finish cleaning the kitchen each night, because I have something fun to listen to. I would like to know more about your easy meals! I'm always on the hunt for something quick and easy to make.

  2. Oh man, I am so in love with The Mindy Project! Morgan kills me! Happy to see you blogging again! Sarah


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