Halloween Food

I am actually not a huge fan of Halloween. I love seeing the kids all dressed up, but as for myself, I could take it or leave it. Except for the candy part. I can take that.

This weekend I made a really delicious potato soup that was beyond easy and would be perfect to serve pre-trick or treating. The recipe is from Worthy of the Prize. She did hers in the crockpot, but I didn't have enough foresight to do that, so it works just as well on the stove top. I followed all of her modifications and also added some garlic for good measure.

I also was super impressed with myself for bringing an adorable (and oh-so-easy) treat to a Halloween party this weekend. I have to thank Pinterest for the cleverness. The hardest part about this dessert was unwrapping the Hershey Kisses.

To recreate, just take some Keebler Fudge Striped cookies, turn them upside down, get premade orange frosting and put a generous amount on the Hershey Kiss and press it onto the cookie and - voila - a perfect treat in under five minutes!

And because no post would be complete without a picture of my precious girl, here is my little Halloween girl!

This was so funny - we were at a party and these skeletons danced and sang "I Got You, Babe." She was trying to back herself in between them while they were singing. I guess she didn't like them so close to each other or decided she wanted to sing with the band, too. You never know what's going on in those toddler brains.

 This silly skeleton loves her some Pirate's Booty.

 The sweetest owl you ever did see!

More Halloween pics coming soon...(well, after Halloween).


  1. Very cute little owl and skeleton! I actually made the witch hat cookies with Alex one year after seeing it on Pinterest. I hope to try the potato soup.
    Love, Aunt Angie


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