12 Month Update

Well, as you can see, Emmy has hit the 12 month mark. The biggest milestone for this month was walking! It has made things more interesting and much easier and fun.

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Emmy really has one of the most sweetest hearts ever. If she sees a baby doll or a stuffed toy, she will always love on it.  We took her to the toy aisle at Target and it was just beyond precious. As she walked down the aisle, she would hug each animal she saw. It really was darling.

While this baby is 99% sweet, she does have a little sour side to her. She started throwing full-on fits when things didn’t go her way.  I mean like 2-year old fits where she throws herself on the ground screaming and crying. Um, isn’t this a little early?

Since walking around is a favorite thing to do around here, we have started taking her out just to walk. We had a fun day at PetCo looking at the animals. A display was knocked over in the process, but it was a fun day!

Next we took her to Kohl’s where lots of fun was had until it was time to leave and the above mentioned fit ensued. Le sigh. I can see my future already. However, I will give it to her on tenaciousness and being decisive. Baby girl knows what she wants.

Another big milestone was her first hair cut! The front part of her hair had grown super long, while the back was short from when she rubbed it as an infant from sleeping on her back. It is a really cute bob now!

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Emmy also understands so much! When I ask her to hand me things she will, she can sit on her bottom when asked, lay on the floor when I tell her we need to for a diaper change, hand me things I ask for and take them to other people when asked. It amazes me!

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As for talking she says just a few words here and there. We were talking about ducks and she just blurted it out! But doesn’t really say anything consistently.

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Emmy still hates to be constrained in any way from diaper changes to car rides to stroller rides, we don’t last long. I bought her a new car seat yesterday, so I am hoping car rides improve.  (One can only hope.)

Emmy did great with her 12-month shots.  (Not so great when the doctor visited. Before he even touched her she was screaming and thrashing. I am only going to assume she has some kind of super baby memory, rather than think she was just being difficult!)

She is in the 9th percentile for height coming in at 27.5 inches and in the 22nd percentile for weight at 19.4 pounds. She still wears 6-12 month onesies from the Gap, but 12-18 in pants.

We love this sweet baby girl and I especially love to see the world through her eyes. (Cheeseball alert!) It makes you appreciate the little things that she notices – she hears the birds chirping, the wind blowing, even when the sidewalk changes textures. I definitely am learning more to slow down and appreciate the beauty of life that I take for granted.

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Love you, little girl!


  1. Walking, a haircut and a birthday OH MY!!! She is just such a little love bug for sure! I can just see her hugging all those dolls....just passing down all the love you & your family give to her! And don't worry about those tantrums......yeah, they are going to get way worse before they get better, but the execution of your exit strategy will become something most NASCAR pit crews will envy. And every.parent.goes.through.it. And if they say it doesn't happen to them, I'd bet my right eye their kid is a biter.


  2. I really can't believe it has been a year. She is sooo cute.

  3. So sweet, Katie! I love seeing you as a mom. Emmy is so adorable! Good job;).


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