Happy birthday to my baby girl!

Have you ever noticed how when you get a massage it is like the fastest hour of your life? (Deep thoughts - I have always thought that would be a great way to spend an hour when you are waiting for news that you want to come quickly.) That is kind of like what the first year of Emmy's life was like. In lightening speed she went from unable to do anything on her own to a walking, sometimes talking, laughing, independent baby girl!

The sweet girl and I share our birthdays and I have to say, this one was much less painful than my last. I think for us both.

We had so much fun spending the day together. Tommy and I both took off work and started our day with some Starbucks.  This little girl had her first taste of a cupcake - sans icing. (So basically it was a glorified muffin.) She was a fan!

Next, Emmy opened presents from us and Bop and Grammy.  (Tommy's parents have been living with us since August and are moving out next week. Some people might think it's insane to have your inlaws live at your house for that long, but Tommy and I have questioned how we will survive in only a two parent household. Ha!)

Tommy's parents got her a play kitchen for her birthday and it is super cute. But, of course, her favorite toy was the cheap Ikea pots and pans that I got her. Go figure. She loved putting the lid on and taking it off - over and over and over.

So, if you are looking for a gift for a one year old, this is a hit:
Inline image 7
After her nap, we hit the fair so that sweet Emmy could see the animals! She was mesmerized by all the activity.  Emmy usually won't sit in a stroller (or any device that restrains her) for more than 5 minutes, so she was totally into the fair.  We saw all kinds of animals and she "barked" at almost all of them. Clearly we have some work to do around our house on animal sounds!

After her very substantial 2.5 hour nap (awesome!), we went to a family party at my mom's house where I began my week-long sweet binge. That's okay. I deserved it.

My sister got me a super cute scarf that I am loving for the fall.

Inline image 14

Emmy was also a huge fan of the wagon she got from my sister as well! (There is a big, huge sign that says not for children to sit in it, so we have a little rebel on our hands.)

We really had a great day celebrating our little girl! I can only imagine what the next year has in store for us!

Coming soon to the blog: a 12 month update, her playroom reveal, and the big birthday party!!


  1. she is NOT a year old!!! boy, that was a fast year :) and happy birthday to you! now neat to share a special day!!

  2. Emmy is absolutely adorable in every picture . . . and in person!! How sweet of both you and Tommy to take off the whole day to celebrate the special birthday. I can't wait to see more pictures, and I love that kitchen set.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. Oh my goodness I can't believe she's a year old! She is just darling. Happy Birthday to you and Emmy :)

  4. I hope every year doesn't go by as fast as the first! It looks like y'all had the perfect day celebrating on her (and your) actual birthday. I cannot wait to see the party pictures!!!

  5. Happy birthday to you both! Sweet girl- I love that she barked at all the animals! And let me just say, the whole random fascination with things that aren't really toys doesn't end any time soon. :)


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