Weekly Faves–Round 2

This is my first blog post using Windows Live Writer. I hope it is as life changing as promised. I will be happy to just get a line break when I hit enter. 

So back to my weekly faves. I just thought this snack featured on Maddycakes Muse via Family Fun Magazine was just beyond clever. In the pot is hummus and carrots. Adorable!

For those of you who are LOVING Wills and Kate’s upcoming nuptials, you will be royally impressed (like how I worked “royally” in there?) with these cupcakes featured on Cupcakes Take the Cake.

via Love to Cake

via Rhubarb & Rose

Or for those of you who would like to DIY your own cupcakes, Meri Meri has these adorable cupcake toppers. (I have seen this brand sold at Williams Sonoma – not sure if they carry these, though.)

I obviously have dessert on the brain. (Shocking.) So for those of you who are dessert lovers like myself, will love this post on Gourmet Garbage from Luv 2 Luxuriate.


Also from Cupcakes Take the Cake are these adorable owl cake toppers from Glam Sweets. Aren’t they cute???

Lastly, you have to check out the adorable Peeps party featured on Celebrations at Home. For Peeps lovers, you will be so inspired!


  1. Gourmet Garbage, so cute! That jar full of goodies looks go fun. :) Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely excited for the wedding.

  2. omg, these are adorable!!! and they look deliciously yummy.


  3. Um, excuse me? Those carrot cupcakes are SERIOUSLY the CUTEST things ever. EVER!


  4. I couldn't get Windows writer to download. I'll have to try again this weekend.


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