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I am all about time-savers. I love them.  I have been making a list of my top favorites for you all because I want you to be as efficient as me.  (Ha!!!!!)

Menu Planning

Can someone PLEASE tell me why I haven’t done this before???  I cannot begin to tell you how much easier my evening life is with a plan. I will say, though, there is a bit of effort that has to be made on the weekends, but the pay-off during the week is worth it. My favorite planning site is elefantitas alegres. She posts pics, reviews and recipes each Sunday.

This is tomato and sausage risotto. Seriously, all homemade. I couldn’t believe it myself.

photos 001

Also, I am super into making caprese salads right now.  I make a big batch and keep it in the fridge all week.  I use roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, then just put in Italian dressing made from a cruet, Italian seasoning and balsamic vinegar, mix it all together and eat on it all week. You will love!

photos 002

Windows Live Writer

I am kicking myself for not having downloaded this earlier.  It is sooooo much easier than using Blogger’s platform. I love that I am able to just insert the picture and not have to go through some annoying dance to make sure they are all uploaded in the right order, and I can finally type before uploading the photos.  Also, loving the fact that when I insert a link it opens in a new window so that you don’t have to hit the back button to come back. 


I am a big book on tape person.  I usually spend a great deal of time ordering my books from the library, picking them up, forgetting to return them, etc.  Well, everyone, the local library has audio and electronic books that you can download to your iphone/ipad.  A time saving miracle!

To download from your phone, go to the iTunes app store and download Overdrive.  From there you can download the books straight to your phone with your library card.

There is a larger selection for those of you in Tulsa with a library card, go to You will have to download the Overdrive software to your computer, then find your book and download it to your computer. Once downloaded, you can transfer it to your iPhone.

Right now I am listening to these two books:

This one is about meeting someone and just “clicking” and the psychology behind it. I read another book by these authors called “Sway,” which was about your influence over others. I love understanding people.

And because I cannot be too serious, I downloaded:

I haven’t started this one yet. So no reviews.

Foil Lined Pans

I think I have written about this before, but my favorite time saver is lining all of my pans with foil before I bake.  If nothing touches the side, I just pull the foil off and it saves me from washing the pan.  (I hope that isn’t gross. I promise if anything gets dirty, I wash it.)

My Keurig

I never knew that a coffee pot could be such a time saver. I love it! It heats your coffee up so quickly, there is no clean up and you are out the door in minutes without dealing with the mess.

I would LOVE your ideas on time-savers. I am all about them!


  1. You didn't just change my life, you saved my life! Windows Live Writer is straight from the Heavens and you are an ANGEL for sharing!!! Thank you! :)

    PS Finley is A.DOR.ABLE!! :)

  2. I love all your ideas, Katie, and I hope to try the two recipes you mentioned. You are very sweet to take the time to share all your time savers with your faithful readers!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. I realllllly want a Keurig! Everytime I go to the store I drool. It's on the list. ;)

  4. I agree with the foil lined pans! I also use parchment paper for cookies and things on baking sheets. It is great!!

  5. I always line my pans with foil. Anything to save me from hand washing those things!

  6. I line everything with foil! It is such a time saver! = )
    I think we might register for a Keurig - actually I just made up my mind, its a must!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Okay, I'm seriously still so impressed with all the cooking that's going on at Casa Katie! I will expect big things the next time you host Bunko!!
    And I'll have to check out the Windows Live Writer. Blogger=booty.

  8. Meal planning and audio books are definitely top of my list too. My library does not have that download feature. But keeping my fingers crossed that it comes soon.

  9. Um.. you had me at Windows Live Writer. What the heck?! How did I not know about this?! cant wait to try it! and um. the caprese salad... GOOD IDEA!!! I consider time savers putting on moisturizer while I stand and wait for the dog to come back inside in the mornings... lol! Soooo in other words, I need some help. I'm GREAT at multitasking but that doesnt mean I'm doing any of my multi tasks the easy way....

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  11. I just got a library card last week and was disappointed with how the audio books were organized at the library (not alphabetically, in some weird way I couldn't figure out), but downloading to my iPhone sounds like the ticket!!

  12. I'm excited to try Overdrive! I love listening to books!


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