My Very Exciting Life

That may or may not have been written with my sarcastic font. In addition, if you follow me on Twitter, some of this may be a repeat.

First, let’s talk food. I have been cooking like crazy this week. Well, I take that back. I cooked all day Sunday so that I could just reheat food throughout the week because last week tears might have been because I didn’t know what I wanted to cook, was too lazy to cook and then when I decided what to cook I didn’t have the ingredients on hand. Sigh.

My first recipe was for Cider Glazed Chicken which I came across on the blog elefantitas alegres via Cooking Light. (This one I didn’t bake and freeze.) The flavors were really good, but for some reason mine didn’t have so much of a glaze. From the pictures on both the blog and the website it appears that I needed to have a sauce to pour over. I am guessing mine evaporated. There was nothing. I think with that this meal would have gotten an “A.” I would give my version a “C.” I did make a ceasar salad (from a bag – a girl can only do so much), which was totally rocking an “A” rating.

0411 iphone 010

Dessert that evening was pretty darn good.

0411 iphone 001

I have been pretty obsessed with chocolate covered strawberries lately. I just buy this in the baking aisle, heat it up in the microwave and dip.

Last night I had a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity (where I totally rubbed elbows with Trisha Yearwood and talked to her for a full five minutes), so Tommy and I just went out for dessert.

0411 iphone 011

I hadn’t been to Freshberry in awhile, so I was surprised to see the cupcakes! They were pretty darn good. I did some research and Freshberry has now started offering Small Cakes Cupcakes. I got the Birthday Cake Cupcake. It definitely would get an “A” rating, which is saying a lot…I am one hard cupcake lover to please.

On Sunday my sister came over and we did some of our make and freezing together and we made these Enchilada’s that Lindsey blogged about. Tommy and I both liked them and I loved that they hit most of the major food groups: protein, vegetable and carbohydrates. Basically, the lazy man’s way of cooking – no sides!

0411 iphone 017

Now I am just getting to random photos, but I had to show you guys my azaleas. Have you ever seen any prettier? And I have to give a shout out to my hostas – they look pretty amazing, too.

0411 iphone 016

Lastly, today I dropped by Channel 2’s studios and I think I may be giving their anchors a run for their money. What do you think?

0411 iphone 013

0411 iphone 015

I think I look like a natural! Ha!


  1. First things first, you are ADORABLE! You definitely gave their anchors a run for their money! You look like a natural in that chair! That is SO fun! I mean, I know I live with a reporter but they interviewed me once for something and I seriously was on a high for like 3 days! So cool!

    And second, that chicken is a definite A in my book and I'm just going by the PHOTO! I mean, seriously, glaze no no glaze, that looks freaking awesome!

  2. I'm so glad you tried the enchiladas! We love that recipe. And I can totally envision you on TV...I'd watch you! You should start video blogging! ha!

  3. Yum recipes all around!!
    How cute are you? I want to try those enchiladas!!

  4. There's no crying in cooking!!!! ;) Seriously, major props to you for planning ahead and preparing meals! I need to jump on that bandwagon with you. And everything looks great to me! I think you get an A any time you attempt to cook.. whether it tastes good or not.. whether the meat is still running around the house or not... whether it actually looks edible or not. :)

  5. I think you would make a great anchor! You have the hair for it! I've been meaning to tell you that I've been admiring how shiny your hair is. I've never been to Freshberry, but cupcakes and froyo, I'm there!

  6. What were you on TV for? So cool!

  7. You could easily pull off a TV gig...something to think about. :)

  8. What?!? Freshberry has cupcakes?!? The things you miss while on vacation!!! {we have a freshberry in charleston, too - love it} I, too, am a very hard cupcake lover to please, so I'll have to try them asap! :)

  9. So jealous you got to meet Dan. You look like a natural in the studio - you're so cute!

  10. You are adorable and look like you fit right in:)

  11. Tried the enchiladas tonight - yum!! I saw the recipe on Lindsay's blog but forgot about it until now. So, thanks for the reminder! Will definitely be making that one again!

  12. You look like a natural! How fun! I keep hearing how nice Tricia and Garth cool you chatted it up with her!


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