Breakfast on the Go

I have been keeping a secret from my husband. I finally fessed up this week. I only harbored this secret because I didn't want him to hoard what has now become my favorite breakfast. (I was secretly letting him eat the granola bars, breakfast bars and the Emerald brand Breakfast on the Go Berry Medley.)

I finally confessed. (It was quite dramatic, too. You guys would have totally loved it. I told him I had been keeping a secret from him. And I really didn't want to tell him. There might have been a small moment of panic on his side. Then I went on to tell him about my new find. Obviously, we have way too much time on our hands. To set the stage - this is all while watching Storage Wars - great show AND there is a marathon this weekend for those of you have not watched this tv greatness yet. We clearly lead a VERY exciting life.)

This is hands-down the best breakfast on the go that ever existed:

Run, don't walk to the store, you will thank me. Assuming you like nuts, dried apples and yogurt raisins. Otherwise, don't bother. The berry medley is good, but not comparable.

And I happened to find a $1 off coupon. Just click here. Once you buy it and love it as much as me, we can start a fan club. Then maybe Emerald will notice me and pay me for this raving endorsement.


  1. I am SO trying this! This sounds amazing! And I'm extra glad I read it today b/c I go to the store on Sundays.. so I can pick some up tomorrow! YAY! Thanks, friend!

  2. i have been meaning to try this! i have a coupon! ;)
    good to know their' yummy!!

  3. These sound fabulous! I eat breakfast in my car on my way to work every morning, so this would be perfect!

  4. These sound super yummy! They also seem like an easy snack for this new mommy to grab on the go!

  5. I am always looking for a good breakfast on the go. I wonder if they make a kind sans raisins?


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