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Okay, so it won’t be that depressing, but I am really, really bothered by a local issue that has gained national attention.  So I thought I would share it with you and ask you to send a quick note to Broken Arrow’s City Councilors it bothers you as much as it does me.

This is Christie Carr. I have never met her before, so this is completely unsolicited. Her story has just touched me and I want to help. 

I will condense the story for you.  Christie has a kangaroo.  As a baby it was injured at an animal sanctuary where it ran into a fence and was brain damaged and partially paralyzed. Because of the incident, the kangaroo can only hop about 3 feet before falling and is expected to get no larger than 50 pounds.

Christie helped nurse the kangaroo, Irwin, back to health and along the way it helped her get over her depression.  She cares for the kangaroo much like a baby and brings him to the nursing  home where it brings many of the patients much joy as well as the joy that it brings Christie.  (Please read the full story, click here.)

Under Broken Arrow’s exotic animal ordinance she has to either give the kangaroo up (which it would potentially be put under) or buy a $50,000 liability insurance policy.  My heart just breaks for her. I know how important my pets are to me and would just be devastated if they were to be taken from me when they have about the same likelihood of injuring someone as Irwin. I do understand the purpose of the ordinance, however, I think in this situation, it needs to be looked at from a different perspective. 

I know a Bixby councilor and asked what I could do to help.  He said the best way to make a difference is to reach out to the council members and let them know your stance. The more people they hear from the more pressure the better. I have emailed the city councilors in BA and asked them to reconsider their ruling. If you feel as passionate as I do (I may or may not have shed a tear for this poor woman), feel free to copy and paste my email:

Dear Councilman,

I would like to write you on behalf of Christie Carr and her plight to keep her kangaroo Irwin at home.  While I certainly understand your concern for the public and the precedent this will set, I would like to ask you to please make an exemption for her situation. 

Due to the circumstances of the animal, the joy that it brings Christie and so many others, and the low risk of injury to the public, I ask you to please vote for an exception to her circumstance at your next council meeting.

I appreciate you hearing my thoughts and thank you for your service to the community.


Your name


On a lighter note. Remember when I told you I met Trisha Yearwood this week?

Um, yeah. Well, I forgot to mention I completely embarrassed myself. A long time ago, probably 1993 or 1994 she had a song called “She’s in Love with the Boy.” It starts out with Katie and Tommy at the drive-in movies parked in the very last row… If you don’t remember, you can listen here.

So when I meet Trisha, I honestly said “My name is Katie…and my husband is Tommy.” Blank stares. (He wasn’t there.) Crickets chirping. I don’t think it ever clicked. Then I completely panicked that she didn’t sing the song. Instead I am just the “crazy” person who introduced myself and my husband who wasn’t present.  Hmmm…that story might have been funnier in person.


  1. I sent an email...heartbreaking. : (

  2. OMG Katie, I remember listening to this song in high school.(and lets be honest I only listened to country because I lived in Oklahoma, it was probably you that got me to listen!)

  3. I'm going to have to send those emails!

    Oh, and I may or may not have had a Trisha Yearwood obsession in the 4th/5th grade..because of the song "SHE'S IN LOVE WITH THE BOY" {how cute, katie and tommy!} I even went to like four of her concerts that year, haha!

  4. I sent an email!! So sad.
    And that is so funny about you & your husband, matching that song. How cool that you met Trisha Yearwood! jealous! Hugs! GREAT POST!

  5. Christie and Irwin's story touched my heart too!

    I sent an email--thank you for providing the contact info. I will pass along to my friends as well.

  6. LOL! I know that song and that is hilarious! On a more serious note, I had not heard the full story on the kangaroo, just that she wa sprobably going to have to give him up. That story breaks my heart and I can't imagine being forced to give up one of my animals. I'm definifely going to send out some emails, thanks for the contact info.

  7. I've been following that story on the news and it is so sad. Hopefully, they get a happy ending.

    You are cracking me up with your Trisha Yearwood story. I absolutely love that song.

  8. I saw that story - it made me sad too! I will send a letter too! Funny story about Trisha. You are funny.


  9. Great idea - I just sent an e-mail too.

    And, your Trisha story cracked me up....I can totally see it all play out in my head!

  10. OMG! Your moment with Trisha is making me giggle!

  11. That's so sad! I emailed them all! I hope it works! I'd be devastated. Let me know if there's anything else I can do.

  12. I will be sending an email as soon as i get home... Cant really use the work email for that one. Also, I would and did laugh at Katie and Tommy... how does she not get it - its her own song! silly!!

  13. That story just breaks my heart! I've been following it, too. SOmetimes I feel like Oklahoma is progressive...and then sometimes, I think we are so far backwards, it hurts. Mahatma Gandhi once said you can judge a civilation on the way it treats its animals. Leave the kangaroo alone, Broken Arrow. For reals. *sigh*

    Loving your Trisha story! So awesome! That is SO something I'd do! And kinda random that she doesnt know what you were talking about! Not cool, Trisha! LOL!

  14. Awe, Katie, you have such a sweet heart. I am sending an email! I love how Irwin has brought joy to his momma and that she is spreading that joy through the nursing home. Thanks for sharing!

    Love your new blog look!

  15. Oh gosh, I hadn't heard about the kangaroo! How sad!

    And the Trisha story cracks me up. I used to listen to that single on repeat on my walk man (how old does that make me sound? haha). I literally would put it under my pillow and play it as I was falling asleep each night. And I love that you married a Tommy! :)

  16. HAHAHAH! The Trisha Yearwood story is hilarious! And my mom sent me a picture of this lady with the kangaroo a long time ago. She saw her in Bass Pro Shop!


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