What we’re eating this week

Believe it or not, some of my friends in real life actually made some of my meals that I posted a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share a few more. 

I try to make my week night cooking as simple as possible so that I don’t spend what little time I have after work in the kitchen, so these should be super easy.


Real Simple’s Chicken Enchiladas Verde – I have never actually made this, but it is in the new cookbook I mentioned in my last post. My modifications to this will be that I will use my trusty rotisserie chicken because I have no interest in boiling and shredding one and I have a preference for corn tortillas over flour.


I am going to be making this Easy Chicken and Couscous Skillet Dinner from Kevin & Amanda. This is another one I am trying for the first time, but it looks simple enough (and calls for rotisserie chicken). Also, if you haven’t had Israeli Couscous, it is really good and has a fun texture, so you should give it a try! Oh, I also buy my carrots pre-chopped (like the kind you would find in slivers in salads to save a few minutes – clearly I am the ultimate in lazy when it comes to cooking).


There is no image for this one, but I am making a favorite of mine – Rachael Ray’s Buffalo Chicken Chili. It is supposed to get cold later this week and this is perfect for cold weather. It is really pretty simple and I can use the extra onions, carrots and celery from the above meal in this one as well. As a note, I don’t use nearly the amount of buffalo sauce since we serve it to the baby, so you may want to start small and add a little to taste.


Club House Turkey Burgers from Iowa Girl Eats with fries and a caprese salad. My sister made these this summer and they were delicious! I have been having a hankering for bbq, so I think this will hit the spot! (Not a pregnancy craving – just a hankering. Promise!)

Even though this menu only goes through Wednesday we will usually adjust because something always comes up where we don’t eat at home or we eat something super fast and I hate to waste too much food.

I keep these items on hand for dinner in a hurry:

For you locals, Reasors sells these Texas Tamale brand tamales in their gourmet/organic frozen section and I try to keep some in the freezer because they are awesome, low cal (130 for 2) and so, so fast and delicious. Even Emmy loves them! When I say fast, you can warm them in the microwave for three minutes and they are perfect! They are a little “pricey” for frozen food – like $9, but really are worth it for a good dinner on the go.

We also keep these Morningstar veggie corn dogs on hand as well. They are pretty good (especially with mustard) and Emmy gets so excited when she gets them. I assume they are a veggie of some sort, so it’s a win.

For those of you who don’t know me, I don’t eat red meat or pork, hence my meals are really chicken heavy. Luckily, Tommy will eat anything and the baby has an affinity for chicken just like her mama. I hope these are somewhat helpful to you in planning your meals for the week. I now just wish I could get someone to grocery shop for me!


  1. Love all the suggestions! We've been in a dinner slump lately & I've been looking for new ideas. I haven't seen those tamales at Reasors but I'm definitely getting some next time I'm there!


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