What I’m Asking Santa for This Year

I have just a few things on my Christmas list this year. I love reading what everyone else is wishing for! I always love great gift ideas.

My top want is a new lens for my camera. This one is only $100 and hopefully will up my picture game. (High hopes.)

Also for my camera, I would love this camera remote for a stocking stuffer! You know for all of my selfies. Ha!

I am in need of some new gym shoes (and workout pants, but short sizes are so hard to find), and truth be told, I need as much help as I can get to go to the gym, so maybe some new shoes would help. I think these polka dot Nikes are so cute!


These purple ones are super cute too, but they don’t have my size. Sigh.

I am also in the market for a new red coat.  This one is more of a wine color. I have one that I got at the kids section of Target about 6 years ago that I LOVE.  I still wear it, but the inside liner is all ripped out and I guess the world is telling me it is time to upgrade.


I am pretty simple, so I think that is about it. I would love to know what you all are asking for! Let me know if you have blogged your list!


  1. I need a camera remote, too! Thanks for reminding me! ;)

  2. That coat is gorgeous! I'm working on a gift guide post!! Be on the lookout :)


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