Weekly Faves

So many cute things on the web this week, friends! Here’s what I am loving!

I came across this on a gift guide for great gifts under $10 – it’s a Tiny Book of your instagram photos. LOVE! And you know how I feel about tiny things. You can get three books (each of different pics) for $10. What an awesome stocking stuffer! See the details at Printstagram.

Okay, so this is only for people with extreme amounts of patience, cooking ability and creativity, but is this not the most awesome pie you have ever seen? I so want to be invited to anyone’s house if you make this. Featured on A Subtle Revelry.

I can’t really say that black cakes are something I have seen much of outside of an “over the hill” party, but isn’t this amazing? I mean if you were going to do a black cake, this would be the way to do it! Featured on The Cake Blog and created by Wild Orchid Baking Co.

I love this wood wreath created by Finding Home. She did it herself and had great instructions. (Truthfully, I would be in the market to buy this, but either way it is really cute!)

Love, love, love this multi purposed play stand featured at That’s My Letter. I would have loved this as a kid. It has instructions on how to do it yourself (if you can do that sort of thing). Is it too early to get one of these for Emmy?

Here’s to hoping I find more fun things next week!


  1. those little picture books are ADORABLE!

  2. I love the play stand! So fun!

  3. That play stand is too much!!! OMG I totally want it, only if we attempted to make it someone would eventually get lock-jaw from snagging some body part on an exposed nail. Emmy would totally like it! My first thought was for Bennett, he loves stacking things. And the wreath is awesome!! Good faves!



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