Happy Owl-oween! (One Day Late)

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween with our little owl. She did surprisingly well in her costume and pretty much stole the show. (The audience being her mom, dad, and grandparents, so not hard to do.)

I got out my fancy camera and took some pics. Next weekend I am going to be taking a photography course from the wonderful Jenny Collier and Ashley Thompson Westfall. I am pretty excited about learning how to use my camera and hopefully bringing you all better pics. Luckily, it won’t take much for me to show improvement. And I love that the class if focused on moms getting good shots of their kids. Here’s more information if you are local(ish).

She really was so cute in her costume!

And serious face (bribed with the phone since it is a very special treat that only grandmas give her)!

Our first (and only) house.

Oooh! What’s in there?!

And outtakes from our photo shoot. Because we all need a little smile!

Sorry I am blowing up your reader with all of my edits, but I am editing to add that I got her costume last year at Babies R Us for $4 (marked down from $33) a few days after Halloween. It was really cute and decent quality (not scratchy), so if you have little ones who won’t care what they are (I am guessing the 2 and under set), you might hit them up in the next few days!

Hope you all had a very happy day! Bring on the Christmas music! (It’s not too early, right?)


  1. Soooo cute! Love love the outtakes!

  2. So cute!! I'm liking your more frequent posts. In the first picture I think Emmy looks more like Tommy, and I love the one of her bending down to look in her pumpkin.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. Whooooo could look gutter?? Yeah,I pulled that one again, but it's still true!! Love the costume!!

  4. Crud...."gutter"? That should be CUTER!!!!

    Stupid, dumb, dumb fat fingers!

  5. What an adorable child...love her costume and what a bargain.

  6. Miss Priss was the cutest little owl ever! I soooo wish I could go to the Mamarazzi workshop with you - I've been wanting to attend one of those ever since I knew Cooper was on his way! Please let us know how you liked it... I really need to learn how to use my camera, I'm a little embarrassed that I have such a nice camera and I'm using it like a point and shoot!


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