Most Improved Photographer

About a week before Emmy was born I went out and bought a “fancy” mom camera. Clearly since the camera was expensive that meant the quality of my pictures would be amazing and a photographer I would be. Um, yeah. Not so much. I basically have resorted to using my iPhone and snapping a couple of “okay” pictures here and there in automatic.

I have wanted to learn to use it, but truth be told, I thought it would be way too complicated and over my head. Also, with a new baby, who has the time to take a photography class?

Note to anyone who buys a fancy camera: Take a class before the baby gets here or you will be so disappointed when you finally take the class and your baby is one and you realize you missed out on some amazing photo opps. (Oh wait, is that just me?)

This weekend I was invited to take the Mamarazzi class offered by Ashley Thompson and Jenny Collier. If you read nothing else in this post, I highly recommend you take this class! Even if you aren’t a mom (maybe you are an aunt, a cat/dog mom or just like to take pictures of things that move), you will get so much out of this class.

I haven’t really “learned” anything new in forever and it felt so good to actually be stretched and learn a new skill. Also, the camera is not nearly as complicated as I thought. As an auditory and hands-on learner, I would never have been able to look up the correct way to use my camera and teach myself (clearly)!

In the class you not only learn how to use your camera outside of automatic, but you learn about what makes a great picture, how to use light to your advantage and what to do to take pictures if you live in a dungeon (ahem).

While I am by no means a professional (and I hope I don’t embarrass you, Ashley and Jenny), I am really impressed with my rapid improvement in both composition of a good photo and the ability to shoot without the camera doing all the work for me.

And, I have had way more fun taking pictures than I ever thought I would. Here are some snapshots I have taken of little girl in the past two days. As we learned in the class, your pictures should tell a story and speak for themselves. Hopefully these do that!

Okay, this one doesn’t really tell a story except for a story of cuteness!

Most importantly, I now have the skill to take some amazing (well, for me) shots of my sweet little girl.

Thanks again, Ashley and Jenny for offering me this opportunity to take your class and if you are in the area (Oklahoma), I would highly recommend putting this class on your Christmas list for next year! If you are outside of the area, look into their ebook here.


  1. Fun!! Loving that black and white of Emmy in her high chair!! Great pic!

  2. I love photography but I also feel I could be so much better... family might disagree as I already take "loads" (their words ;)) of photos.
    Your little girl is so precious. Take advantage and take lots of photos now that you feel more confidant and artsy.

  3. Love the one of her in the high chair! I wish I could find a class like this near me. I have no clue how to use my camera!
    Also, Emmy always has the cutest hair bows and clips! Where did you get the one in the last two pics?

  4. Glad you learned so much from your class. The new photos of Emmy are precious and very well-done!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. I second your recommendation! I took the Mamarazzi class last summer & I use my fancy camera so much more now! And I almost never use the automatic setting anymore. :)

    Love the pics of Emmy - great job!


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