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Sometimes coming up with a title for a blog post is even more difficult than writing the post itself.  So, this title = lame.  I think I used up all of my creativity on last week’s bedroom project.

Okay, so I HAD to share this pics with you guys.  My sister took my niece to get a cupcake after “school” one day this week and this she captured this reaction:

iphone pics 09411 012

Is that not priceless?  Apparently, loving cupcakes runs in the genes.

With the end of summer upon us, I had an odd hankering for a fruity beverage on Friday evening.  I have THE best drink ever and it only requires three ingredients – ice, Malibu rum and frozen pineapple juice.  For the alcohol, I just take the pineapple juice container and pour it 1/2 to 3/4 full of Malibu and then just dump it in the blender.

iphone pics 09411 004

Just blend it in the blender and you get this delicious concoction.  You will thank me.

iphone pics 09411 006

Earlier I mentioned my bedroom project (read more here) and yesterday my mom and I finished it by adding more “tiles.” I love how it turned out and it is so nice to actually have something on my walls.

iphone pics 09411 010

On another note and not so fun, my friend’s four month old son is in the hospital right now fighting for his life.  They are praying for a miracle, so if you guys could say an extra prayer for him (Cohen is his name) to be restored to full health, I know it would be appreciated.


  1. love the tiles above your bed!! looks great!! sorry to hear about cohen, i'll be praying for this sweet baby.

  2. I'll be praying for baby Cohen and his family. I'm so sad for them.
    The tiles look unbelievably beautiful - you and your mom are quite a team!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. I hope Cohen is doing better. The family is in my prayers....so sad.
    How did you hang the tiles?

  4. oh man! that cocktail looks delicious. Must try that. And I love the way the additional tiles turned out!

    Also said a prayer for Cohen. Chloe is 4 mos old so that really hits home for me. :(

  5. Miss Fin is so precious! The tiles look great - I think it was good to add more!

  6. I forgot to mention Finley in my first comment. . . that picture is so adorable!! She is just precious. Love, love her!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  7. I cold really go for one of those drinks! Looks delicious! Love the wall with added tiles too!!

  8. my prayers go out to your friends son!!! and who doesnt love cupcakes! she is pure joy!

  9. I'm saying a prayer for your friend's son and his family.. Please keep us updated...

    Your tiles/bedroom look AWESOME! I want to go read more about it!

    And dude.. I sometimes sit in front of blogger forever trying to come up with a creative title. Sheez.

  10. Praying for Cohen...can't even imagine.

    The tiles look really good!

  11. That drink sounds delish. I have a feeling I will be making it very soon.

  12. Saying a prayer for Cohen!

    And seriously?? That Fin is PRESH!!


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